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By Fishinganywhere
now that the weather and water is cold its time for me to come back from my offshore mindset and get into the trout again. last year was my first year chasing them on the guad and i did well wading but this year im trying to get them on the kayak but i have one problem; my kayak is for my offshore paddles, an OK trident 15 and where i normally start my wade at whitewater im not sure there would be any place to effectively launch it or paddle it with its size. are there any other places on the trout section that would be better or even possible to use a big yak?
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By Ron Mc
With all the water this year, you should have no problem traveling distance down the Guadalupe tailwater in a kayak, or controlling it if you have a rudder. Might check with Rio Raft about livery between their put in and take out.
With that float, there's only one weir to portage, and plenty of gravel bars to stake-out and wade.
A kayak will also let you fish some of the big slow water that people can't wade (e.g., below Ponderosa bridge).
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By JW FunGuy
Flows just dropped from 550 to 404 CFS so it is getting manageable and will probably be 300-400 for awhile. With the higher water being so pushy I would have worried about your bigger boat but things should be good for awhile.

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