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By karstopo
Graeme from Australia on another forum mentioned the Bullen Mary Special as a good black bream fly pattern. Black Bream found around Australia are a relative of our local Sheepshead. Would the fly make the transition from Bream in Oz to Texas Permit? I don’t know, I have given it much of a shot in the salt.

It does work on sunfish out in the lake I live on. And now a grass carpImageImage

Topped 18# so that’s my biggest grassy to date and biggest fish ever caught while wearing pajamas. The 5/6 weight CGR got a big deep bend. Fun on the deck.
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By Ron Mc
honking fish - I've caught some nice fly rod carp imitating dying minnows both during white bass runs, and summer doldrums, when lack of oxygen in still pools would kill them. Carp don't care, they can breathe air.
A great spring carp target is cottonwood seed fall - a small tuft of white marabou scrap tied with brown thread.
You'll see big carp circling under the cottonwoods and can sight-fish them.
Nice grass carp.
Ugly pajamas. I always thought fish were fashion conscious. Hence the bassholes in their basscar attire and under armor everything. Apparently fish are as clothing-sensitive as some of us. Which is good. I wish I lived on water like you, karst. Some day....sooommmmme day.

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By karstopo
The pajamas are okay, I think it’s the model that’s holding them back.

Living on the water has been good, although it seems like the move there ushered in a climatic change from perpetual drought to ceaseless rains. I get some casting and fishing in between the deluges and the five-six pick up sticks and seven-eight lay them straight reality of living on six plus acres of heavily wooded bottomland. When one marries a yard Nazi what can one expect?

The upside is all the branch dragging, chainsawing, hedge trimming, mosquito slapping, and the like has been fantastic for my core and you should see my guns. Good news too is that I get a daily insect hatch report without ever going outside courtesy of the expansive, but single pane windows of my mid century modern abode. The bugs love to do backstrokes in the condensation that forms on the windows. These bugs then die and glue themselves to the glass. Fortunately, I can scrape and scrub and blast these off so that new ones can repeat the process. The more I clean the 40 or 50 mostly floor to ceiling windows, the more up-to-date I stay on the hatch. The neighbors all seem to rely on crack teams of lawn commandos towing trailers loaded with all sorts of high tech yard gadgets to do the things I’m doing. What a bunch of suckers the neighbors are!
Yeah. People are suckers. They hire others to do all sorts of exercise for them, THEN pay money to not go to a gym, while complaining about lack of exercise. Feh. Like you, I’m mostly a DIY fella. Eats into my precious fishing time, but at least I feel like I’m doing something. I was down in Freeport earlier in the week and saw the tides were way low.
Of course, I was working and couldn’t throw a line. My saltwater efforts are lagging this year because of the siren song of the bass. It’s a conundrum I tells ya. Maybe as it continues to cool I’ll take up my winter hobby of chasing mid-bay speckled troot again. Thanks for the updates Karst.

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