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By Prof. Salt
I spent last week chasing elk near Raton, but every moment not hunting was spent playing with the 4 weight below our cabin. The ranch has a little lake that has rainbows, and since I had never caught rainbows on a fly before, I really wanted to give it a whirl. The first evening it was 18 degrees with driving snow and ice covering everything. Steam was rising off the water as it cooled, but I was excited to fish. Once I realized that the trout were not bothered by the cold and preferred a more aggressive strip, I began to catch them consistently. By the end of the week I had fished in snow, rain, fog, and sunshine. The fish were especially fond of a black or black and green wooly booger, but a few were enticed to eat Clousers, ant imitations, and a few other assorted flies. By the time we left I had caught and released 103 trout up to 21". Hunting elk was fun, but trout on the fly was really a hoot!

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By Ron Mc
You were in the Sangre de Cristos, and there there was famous water all around you on both sides of the border.
You were within miles of Costilla, Conejos, Brazos.
thanks for the photos

btw, what water body were you fishing? Kinda looks like the Brazos meadows at Corkins.
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By rockin4m
nice fish!!!
Rio Costilla, and the Conejos River valley are both awesome.
have not done the Brazos yet.
thanks for sharing your experience!!!
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