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By NativeSon

My Wife and I just returned from a vacation to Idaho Falls visiting my In-Laws.
I have traveled there before, made some efforts at catching trout, but have come up short.
The folks at Jimmy's All Seasons Angler took pity on me and pointed me to Birch Creek, about an hour NW of town. (BTW, if you are ever in the area, stop in Idaho Falls and visit Jimmy's, super fly shop and really friendly, helpful folks.). I took them at their word, went to Birch one afternoon, and caught my first ever freshwater trout within 10 minutes. Ended up catching 4, and missed several dozen (!) strikes. The current in that little stream was roaring, and it was a strong learning curve trying to keep a tight line on the recommended hoppers (real hoppers were thick) and dry flies screaming back towards me. Later, guys at the shop suggested I may have been making too long casts and had to much line out.
Yes, the fish weren't huge, but that's OK, they were everywhere and eager, and I had a blast!
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By karstopo
Beautiful fish and country. Sounds like challenging fishing. I tend to have a hard time focusing on fishing in the western mountains it’s just so nice soaking up that dry air and those spectacular vistas. It’s great to have a helpful fly shop close by.
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By NativeSon
Yes, I can relate.
Highs were in the 70-80s, lows in the 40s. I don't remember sweating.
Beautiful country for sure. I only saw 4 other fisherman that day, basically had the creek to myself.
There are miles and miles of water up there.
But a strange landscape for a flatlander like me.
They have such an abundance of water, from their rivers, that's why, with irrigation, agriculture is so big up there. But you step a few yards away from the water, and it's so dry it's borderline desert.
Can't wait to head back up again.
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By Ron Mc
nice photos - summertime is a great time to go to the mountains for a vacation from the heat, but fall is simple fishing - midge and caddis are the only thing hatching, making your fly box very simple.
Plus the fall eat is on.
Had a couple of late September- early October trips, and dug out of 3' of snow one morning.
We were prepared for it, and didn't get our hands wet, but we did get off the mountain.
But at breakfast that morning, the wild birds lined up to eat out of our hands.
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By Ron Mc
and yes, it would have been miserable, except we had everything right - whatever we didn't arrive with, picked up at REI and EMS the day before. One of the guys in our group is an ice-climber, and my other buddy has backpacking gear so old it's marked Holibar (later North Face). I bought my first nice weather shell on the REI discount rack.
And we caught fish at Deckers before we came home.
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By don.owen
Idaho Falls is a great place to visit and lIve. Been here for 30 years. Sometimes it's confusing trying to figure out where to go fishing today. But, in late October I come down from the mountain and usually end up in the Riviera Beach, Texas area. It's fine place to go to avoid these Idaho winters.

Your comments about All Season Anglers are spot on. Nice shop, good people. Birch Creek is a cute little spring fed Creek for sure. Fish & Game stocks it really heavy as a put & take fishery. I notice you found a little Brookie too. My kids and grandson all learned to flyfish on Birch, lots of fish to keep someone interested.

I used to fish Birch with a Tenkara rig and a Yellow Humpy dry. Glad you enjoyed Idaho, I plan to enjoy Texas this winter!
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By NativeSon
Well Don, all I can say is I'm envious.
Every time we go up, we have a hard time coming back.
We talk pretty seriously about making the move up, but my wife's kids and our grand kids are here, makes it tough.
However, I have not yet experienced Idaho winters! Sounds like you have the best of both worlds.
Yes, Birch Creek was perfect for a newbie like me. I caught the one rainbow, and 3 brookies.
The good folks at Jimmy's also pointed me to Elk Creek and Bear (?) Creek near Palisades, but there was hiking involved and with limited time I opted for Birch.
We flew into Boise and drove the mountain route to IF, lots of nice water along the way. We stopped in Pecabo, and I learned about Spring Creek, but the guys at Jimmy's said the fishing there was pretty technical.
Don't know if you are fishing down here, but if so, the best of luck!
By Kayak Kid
The only places in Idaho I've fished have been around Sun Valley. Truly beautiful setting, as are the many places I've fished for trout in New Mexico, Montana, and Colorado. Standing in a rock bottomed clear as gin stream, surrounded by snow topped mountains and hills, makes you forget you are there to fish......,almost.
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By don.owen
Glad you enjoyed the area! Idaho Falls is a great place to live for sure. Cheap Real Estate and utilities too. Up in the palisade area there's another small creek that Jimmy might not speak of (I think it's his father's favorite). McCoy Creek at the upper end. Nice little campground up there too and a real hoot to fish.

You mentioned Silver Creek and Jimmy was right. It's a classic spring Creek full of well educated trout. 16 foot leaders, tiny flies presented with absolutely drag-free presention. It's not really wade friendly but is more suited to float tubes, at least that's how I always fished it. Used to make the the drive over back in the early 90's but there's just to many places closer to home.

I'm sitting in Alamo Nevada this morning listening to a rather intense t-storm wash my RV. On our way down to Texas. Plan is to get there around the 28-31 of the month. I'm hurrying as fast as the wife can handle.

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