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By larry long shadows
Thought i would let yall know although its been a while that he has posted here but Robert Matthews "On The Guad " passed away yesterday from cancer.. I'm going to miss him I made friends with him on the camp forum .. he was also a rod Builder Matthews Rods ...
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By Smokin Joe
This is Do It, my account is all jacked up so I am using my sons.
Anyway this is tough to hear OTG always had very nicely written posts with great pics, very good reads. I bought a TFO Minimag from him that he had built for a fishing trip he had taken and then wanted to sell afterwards, I still have it. That was before he hooked up with Loop and started building stuff for them. Really didn’t know him well other than on the board but I hate to hear this he still had a lot of years ahead of him. I’ll be praying for his family and friends, Rest In Peace Robert!

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