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By El Guapo77
I was in the AP over the weekend. We found some trout on the flats and saw a few redfish warming up in the muddy cuts. The bite was slow for us. As we were poling a skiff in South Bay I saw a deadfish in the middle of a pothole. We thought it was a gator trout, and when we got a closer look we realized it was 27 inch snook. I had no idea that any large snook ever came on the flats in AP. Hopefully, most of these fish survived the last freeze.
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By Cuervo Jones
That’s too bad. Texas could have a great snook fishery if they could get a bit of a break. I’ve caught them in Florida, but not here so far. Then again, I haven’t actually tried for them here either. Another task to add to my to-do list.

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By karstopo
There were a lot showing up in Brazoria County prior to the freeze. I saw photos of the catches and mostly knew of where they were caught. I went on a single snook quest late last year to a place where my friend had caught a low 20 something inch common snook on a DSL tail. We didn’t get any that day a couple of weeks after his previous catch. My daughter’s boyfriend caught a snook earlier in 2017 not far from where my friend caught his.

I have seen some photos of dead ones along with juvenile Tarpon from a couple of the places. The Tarpon have been around for a while in some select areas, but it seemed the snook had come along a little later. Maybe a few snook survived this far north and winters get back to the way they had been before this throwback version came along and the snook can get back to getting more common.

Here are two sources: Tail Tail Signs and ACK .

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