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By Copperspoonfly
The fishing report section usually slows down in the winter. I thought I would share a report from earlier in the year. In August, I went offshore out of Port A looking to catch a Kingfish on my flyrod. At the oil rigs about 10 miles out, I saw a large school of blue fish on the surface. I caught a few on blues on shrimp fly pattern and then noticed a large shadow lurking under the school. The Baracuda could not resist a live bluefish free lined under the school. Image

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By karstopo
Nice one. I used to see those offshore especially when we snorkeled or dove a rig. There’s some big ones out there. I hope you didn’t retain it. Those big ones are supposedly full of ciguatera toxin.
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By karstopo
I haven’t done much of any offshore fly fishing. I’ve gone out on a couple near shore Tarpon cruises on a friend’s boat but have yet to see one. We did run into some triple tail, but they were tight lipped. A kingfish has to be a blast on the fly rod just watch your knuckles. He doesn’t run very far out, 8 or 9 miles, but maybe we’ll run into some close in kingfish one of these days.
By Copperspoonfly
I did not know about the ciguatera toxins. It’s good that fish did not fit into our cooler so we ended up releasing it.
We saw some tarpon rolling at the end of the port A jetties that same afternoon. There were 2 Flyfisherman casting from the rocks and us and another boat casting at the tarpon but no was able to hook up. I think the Tarpon were focused on eating the crabs that were being pushed out with the current .
Your best shot at kingfish would probably be the oil rigs out of pa Keri channel if you only want to short distance offshore.

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By karstopo
https://animals.howstuffworks.com/fish/ ... acuda1.htm

According to the article, 17 people on a ship off Texas got it ciguatera poisoning after eating a barracuda. It’s interesting how it can’t be destroyed by cooking.

What do you use fly rod wise for a kingfish? I’ve got a 9’ ten weight, but really like my 8/9 weight Short Stix off the bow of a boat. I’ve got a Nautilus X XL Max paired with it with a lot of backing. I’m thinking it will be enough...
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