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Where will you be chasing salmon at? if its around the great lakes region then you will be fine, although there have been some big ones showing up this year, if your chasing them out near Washington/Oregon you may want something a bit more beefy
when I fish Alaska, I usually don't target salmon, but the rainbows and dollies that are following them.
I also get a predictable by-catch of sockeye, expanding the excitement. 6/7 lands them just fine.
Your basic salty 8-wt is a perfect tool for most salmon fishing - may need to change to a coldwater fly line - exactly perfect for silvers, which are my favorite salmon to target.
Silvers are the only salmon that actively feed when they return to freshwater.

The exception being big Atlantic salmon or kings/ Chinook. There you should use a 9/10.
What did you tie today?


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