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By Cigarsnjeeps
Curious if there are any other fly fishers in my area around Smithville or Bastrop. Looking for other like minded people nearby to maybe start up a fly fishing club. Intent would be to get people together to learn from each other, setup some fishing outings, maybe learn to tie flies, comraderie, etc.

I considered attending the Austin club, but its just too far to go after work from here, so I never make it.

Figured I would take a shot and post here to see if there were any bites.

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By Bayoutalker
Good luck getting a group together. I wish I was closer, I'd be in with you but it is just too far a drive from Beaumont. We don't have anything here at all, club or fly shop. The closest club to here is either Houston or Lake Charles, La. I have the same problem as you. Both clubs are just too far away to make weekday night meetings.

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By J-Moe
I live in Brenham and am a member of the Brazos Valley Fly Fisherman's club. They have a facebook page BVFF. I love to fish Buescher from my kayak. We should also have another good white bass run in the Somerville creeks this winter. Watch for the reports on the TFF Somerville thread in the Bank Fishing section.
By Cigarsnjeeps
Hi guys. Thanks for the replies. Buescher is a peaceful place in the yak. I like that there are no power boats to worry about.

Maybe once we get something setup we can setup some multi-club fishing....

Junkyard, I will wait another week on the post, plus I'm pretty busy with work this week. Next week maybe we can start talking about getting together with those that are interested.

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By jhb
Good luck, I'm in New Braunfels, and not necessarily looking for a club per se, but with diminishing contributions to this forum it would be hard to justify a club based off of thread replies. The average thread in this forum gets about 10 replies.

You might have better luck creating a club by sending the message through many avenues- TFK, TFF, Fb, local fly shops, local tackle shops, etc.

Good luck.
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