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By rayb
My birthday is Labor Day so you all who can, take the day off with pay. You're welcome.
Any way back to the original statement. The wife says, "what do you want for your birthday" so I tell her "I want a Sage X rod. She checks into it and say ask for something else.
Am I wrong? Shouldn't she get me what I ask for when she asked what I wanted? :wink:
By rayb
Kayak buddy wrote:You dont make enough money to pay for it.

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You have been taking to my wife haven't you?? :lol:
By rayb
Kayak Kid wrote:My only concern about dying is that my wife will sell my fly fishing gear for what I told her I paid for it.

OH GREAT!! something else to worry about :shock:
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By karstopo
Join the exclusive club of, I don't know, 3 or 4 billion. We have less than zero money at the moment, sort of, so my wife tells me " I don't want anything for my birthday". My dad warned me not to fall for that trap so I didn't, but I want be asking for any Sage rods for birthday next month unless they can be had for about $100.
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By NativeSon
Kayak Kid wrote:My only concern about dying is that my wife will sell my fly fishing gear for what I told her I paid for it.

...or maybe not...
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By El Gato Diablo
Slightly off topic, but mine apparently had no idea that gas and gasoline are different things. I tried to explain that gas is not a liquid (I know lpg is gas in liquid form, but this would just confuse the matter more), and she still thinks I'm messing with her. Of course I do mess with her pretty often, so I'm sure her misunderstanding is my fault....
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By karstopo
I've heard a lot of stuff from assorted gals during this horrible flood that tells me that many have very little idea about how things, especially flood water, works. Things like let's drain the pool so that the Brazos river won't flood the house. Or reading a map, in my wife's office, not one woman in there could read a flood map. To be fair, I've heard some goofy stuff from men, too. But I'd say it's 10-1, women say things that show a complete lack of understanding of how things work in the physical world. If men were saying the same stuff, I'd call them out as well.
By rayb
It's like the joke about the guy who died and went to heaven. God told him that a mistake was made and he shouldn't have died for a long time in the future. To make it up to him he told him he would change something on earth. The guy thought for a second and said he enjoyed his visits to Hawaii so much, he wished God would give the engineering knowledge to man to build a bridge from the mainland to Hawaii. God thought for a second and said that knowledge would be just about impossible to give, was there anything else he would like to give earth. The man said I would like men to be abel to understand women.
God thought for a second and asked, that bridge, two lanes or four?
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By Cuervo Jones
As I once read somewhere:
If a man says something in the forest and no woman is around to hear him, is he still wrong?

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By Ron Mc
Take her out to buy shoes - life can often be simplified when you realize finding the right pair of gray pumps is the moral equivalent of catching a 30" redfish
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