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By karstopo
Got to the ramp about 7:30. Rut row, not a open spot to park. Dang weekend fishing. I squeezed in next to a fence. Launched off the rocks, who needs a ramp when kayak fishing? This ramp offers lots of options on water. With all the boat trailers, I chose my water based on being the most boat unfriendly. Looks like my choice of water was also not so hospitable to redfish. Only saw a few all morning.

Did get to some new water. Saw a lot of gar. Lots of wading birds. Got to hold 3 little redfish. Made a few casts at sighted fish, got one good take on an Avalon Permit fly, but set the hook too soon. Water was muddy, pretty low, and falling.

I was way up a very narrow bayou chock full of oyster shell. I thought the shell, tiny channel and low water would keep the boats out. I was wrong. Thankfully, I staked out at the very edge of the channel. I had just made a cast and heard the boat coming fast. I stripped like mad to get the line in so the boat wouldn't run over it. He came by about 15 feet off my starboard side. Everything was as it should be. I glad I followed my discipline of staying out of the middle of a channel. There wouldn't have been time to move if I had staked in the middle. It wasn't the boat's fault coming along like that. The spot was so shallow he was obligated to stay on a plane. I just couldn't believe he came in there. The bayou winds around inland for a few miles beyond that point. He yelled " I'm sorry" and again about an hour later when he motored by on the way out. I just waved. Stay sharp out there.
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By DelSol
Nice report. Looks like a familiar place but anywhere along the Texas coast looks familiar :lol:
I was out last thursday and saw/spooked many reds. Only managed one 8)
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By karstopo
It was the San Bernard River area. If somehow I escape from Brazoria County, that's something for me.

I don't mind exploring and seeing what's out and about. There is lots to see beyond the fish.

I'm not clear on what was off today. Was it the location, the fly, the presentation? The last two outings, I've labored mucho for nada.Gar being seen in redfish territory is a disappointment for me as I don't like gar as much as redfish.
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By Piscator
I think yesterday was off. We ran all over the Sabine area and ended up with only 2 legal specks. Serval less than rat reds and smaller specks. Sabine Lake calmed down after noon and birds went to work and nothing but lady fish. That might have been fun with a 4wt. Might do fly rod only trip this evening and next Saturday windy or not.
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By karstopo
I get a little fixated on a spot. I was way into this micro drain and was hearing all these feeding noises around the next bend. I really don't know what was making the noise because I never saw a confirmed redfish in there. I did see several gar. But I cast to something feeding. Water was too murky for me to tell what was going on.

Summer for me is feast or famine. I've had some amazing days surrounded by fish and days where is see very little. I really like to avoid fishing the weekends with the crowds. I'll choose a spot solely on the basis of whether or not I think there will be lots of people around. I also play it a little safe on the long paddles out the heat. Don't want to be alone in some distant marsh and get too heat blasted to get back. I had some ice in a bag wedged between my shirt and neck. That felt good. And some chilled honey mango filets to munch on. Yum.
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