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By flydoc
Dryfly season has started and the bows are cruisin the shallows for the damsels-caddis and callibaetis which are hatching thru out the day. Site casting to the rings in the back bays is great fun with the rainbows and cutts going 20-24". Afternoon temps in the 70's and 40's at nite is pleasant here in south park about 40 mi west of Colo. Springs. All CPR here in this gold medal lake.. Tightlinz
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By GoDoe
Oh Dave you are killing me. It would almost be worth driving up there just to feel 40 degrees.

6 hours of brush hogging yesterday in 94 degrees and no wind. Even my carp are not actively feeding in these kind of conditions.

I think if you put a cooler in your boat here and filled it with ice and water and left the top open the fish would jump out of the water and into the cooler just to feel the water.

Keep posting those pics,

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