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By karstopo
I like my Nautilus X XLMax. It may be at the high end of moderately priced reels at around $400. It's super light weight ( might be the lightest out there) and seems very smooth. Biggest fish so far is a 30+# black drum which won't burn up a drag, but I still needed a lot of pressure to turn fish and the Nautilus drag had plenty to spare. No cork drag to maintain and the drag is fully sealed.

My Lamson Guru has held up well. It's less $. And light weight. It's a lot wider than the Nautilus but I think the newer models have a more narrow spool.

I have a Lamson Konic and it, not being machined anodized aluminum, has mostly deteriorated. I'd avoid any models that are not fully machined and anodized.
Rotag wrote:Looking for a moderately priced durable 9/10 wt fly reel

Using for Pins jacks etc

I have a Lamson Velocity IV and spare spool (has SA Tarpon clear intermediate sink) that's in excellent condition I'll let go for $225. I've got pics somewhere. PM if you're interested in seeing them.
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By Angler
Another vote for Lamson. Well built, great drag system for the money. Even an older one would be a good choice. I use Tibor now, but trusty Lamson 3.5 is always nearby as backup.

The two things I really prefer is Salt are superior drag system accessed easily without hurting yourself as you make adjustments during big running fish-on situations.

So, for me that means solid back with no slots to accidentally poke my fingers into in the heat of the moment. Solid back reels are heavier, but trust me you will reach for that knob at some point.

Summary: Well placed drag knob + Solid back reel.

Larger diameter arbor is better.

Anodized seem to hold up better in salt, but no matter what, a good rinse after each session will get you 30 years or more like I have on all my reels.

Just my opinion. Hope that helps.
Lamson & Allen are the only "budget" reels that I trust in the salt. Maybe some of the Redington. I've owned both Lamson and Allen and they're good reels for a budget.

But I also truly believe that you get what you pay for when it comes to fly reels. Over there last several years I've gone almost exclusively to Tibor reels on my saltwater rigs. Personally, I'd take a nice, used Tibor, Hatch, Abel, or Nautilus over most anything else if I was on a budget.
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By Sparrow
I picked up a Reddington Behemoth a couple weeks back at Roy's Bait and Tackle for my 7wt TFO Clauser. I had it spooled up with clear 7wt intermediate sinking line. It was really affordable at around $100, boasts a whopping 25lbs of drag, but the bearings aren't sealed so regular maintenance is required. Anyways, it was put to the test the very next day when I sight casted a 52" ling off from PINS. The reel did quite well throughout the 1:45 minute tussle, and the extra drag was especially nice as I began to run out of backing. For a tad more $, there are options with sealed drag that will hold up to the corrosion better, but for the money it's a good buy. Image
By StrykerDM
If you're still looking for a 10wt reel I just picked up a sage 3210 for cheap (around $180). Most online vendors and even some local shops have them on sale right now.

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By Duck'n
jeff89 wrote:I've got a Kraken XLA 4 and a spare spool for it in the dorado colors that i'm looking to sell. $300 takes it. The reel alone retails for $350...and that color scheme is unavailable.

She has some good joo joo too

Hey Jeff, my computer is acting up and TT is driving me nuts. I am interested in this reel if the OP does not take you up on it. My email is bpayne97ATgmail.com in case I don't get your message on here. Thanks!
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By Do It
Rotag wrote:Cabelas guy said the WRX series is made by Lanmson anyone know

Yes that is what I was told. The 1st reel I bought was a 6 wt. WLX (an earlier model) which was made by Lamson and I love it, still have it and use it on lakes and rivers.
The WRX is on sale now.

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