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By Kayak Kid
As soon as it cools off a bit, I'll be heading to Rockport for some all nighters under the lights. I just finished building a five wt. I want to try out. I'll be tying up some copies of your shrimp fly...,small bead chains only. They should be killers under the lights.
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By karstopo

This is the recipe I followed. I used small brass dumbbells on the orange version, but they weren’t heavy enough to overcome the glass seed bead eyes I used so the fly would tend to flip in the water because of the glass eyes. I pulled off the glass beads off the nylon monofilament stalks and made eyes in place from Loon UV cure and a little micro glitter sprinkled into the glue. Those eyes were light enough in weight to enable the fly to swim eyes up, hook point up instead of trying to flip over.

The one with the pink legs I used small tungsten dumbbells and glass eyes. The tungsten was heavy enough to overcome the glass eyes and the fly swam right side, hook point up. If you use bead chain instead of brass dumbbells as the weight, I’d check to see if crustacean eyes you choose don’t try to turn the fly upside down when it’s in the water. Having eyes sticking up as much as they do per the recipe, the eyes are doubling as weedguards, wants to try a flip the fly over hook point down so the dumbbells or bead chain has to be enough weight to overcome that tendency.

None of the materials are particularly heavy. The small brass dumbbells and the tungsten ones are about the same size. If anything, the brass ones look a bit bigger. The glass seed beads I burn into nylon monofilament to make the eyes aren’t heavy either. The Gamakatsu SL45 size 4 bonefish hook I used is not a particularly heavy wire hook. I really like the black finish on those hooks. I’ve been tying borski sliders on that hook and they are super sharp right out of the package. They will try to rust as they are carbon steel and not stainless.

Fly hooks, many of the saltwater ones, are so much better than the heavy wire hooks found on many lures and jig heads. Fly hooks tend to be sharper right out of the package. The lighter wire of fly hooks slides into the fish’s mouth tissues so much easier than most of the lure hooks out there. One thing I’ve noticed since fly fishing is that I lose much less Speckled trout fly fishing than I did with lures. It’s got to be the hooks plus the fish can’t use the weight of a heavy lure to tear through those delicate mouths. The hooks used in fly fishing have been a great pleasure. No big trebles flying about attached to a thrashing fish to consider, that is surely nice.
By The Angler
karstopo wrote:ImageImage

EP Shrimp. I’ve never tied or fished them. I really like how these swim and look in the water.

I’ve always liked transparency in a fly. Like it
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By karstopo
Beguiled and ensnared by the spells and incantations of Marsh Witches? An Alien abduction? Emigration to Sweden, the land of his ancestors? Maybe he’s on some fantastical adventure across the mountain west or Kamchatka or Tierra del Fuego and about to pen the trip report to end all trip reports. They all seem plausible to me since we are talking Cuervo.

I hope it’s nothing as silly or mundane or trivial as a dispute with anyone here. If it was me, I apologize in advance.
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By karstopo

I’ve been, at least before the daily thundery deluges, fishing these and losing more than I like to toothy fish or having the fish tear them apart. I’ve had to put on bite tippet in some cases to prevent busted tippet. Ladyfish are one of the culprits and they are hard on deer hair and hackle. Even Speckled trout tear up deer hair. I don’t throw away torn up flies, the dumbbells are at least reusable and sometimes the hooks.

I could use more durable flies like redfish crack, but like tying and fishing these. Trying a little purple and black in the mix. Tan has been good for whiting in the surf.
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By Kayak buddy
I have a bunch of popper heads the white one is 5 inches long with an articulating hook it faces up to be weedless, its x-large and I have large size. If you go after big fish I can send those, or just tie a regular popper ImageImageImageImageImageImage

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By karstopo

Something with sheepshead in mind. The little ones are Bullen Merri Specials which are said to work well on Black Bream, the Australian cousin of sheepshead. The colors tied are the ones that were recommended as the best. From what I can tell from watching a few videos, Black Bream seem to have very similar habits to sheepshead and occupy similar niches. Black bream seem to run a little smaller than sheepshead. The BMS is not weighted other than the glass bead. The guy in OZ fishes them very slowly with little infrequent strips.

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=o7DmOJTUR ... qKCuLPrv8E

The flies of Murray Wilson were I got the tying instructions.

The bigger ties are just a slightly smaller version of a modified redfish crack. I used Arizona Simi Seal instead of EP for the collar. I think the one Capt. Scott Null ties in the video has a craft fur tail, estaz, and an EP collar. I add a few wraps of Eyelash yarn after the estaz and either omit the EP or not. The EP collar pushes water and tones down the flash of the eyelash yarn. The clearer the water, the less flash I like is the general idea.

I thought I’d give the Simi seal a shot. It’s a mixture of I believe goat fur and a little synthetic fine flash material. It’s very fine and works really nicely for balanced Leech type of patterns. Redfish crack with the eyelash yarn has caught two or three sheepshead, but it’s my smallest ones that have worked. I made these even smaller on smaller Gamakatsu bonefish hooks.
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By karstopo
Something besides the Borski Slider. I’ve done this Steve Farrar Blend Baitfish before, but the grizzly hackle is a new addition. Top one is still a little wet from a water test.
By Kayak Kid
Those top flies with the pink belly are fantastic. I was looking for something unique to tie on this cold rainy indoor day. Those will be a perfect challenge.
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