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By Ron Mc
Hunting through my 30Gb of photos last week, I came across a set of photos I've never posted, a day on Lighthouse Lakes at Aransas Pass. Glass flyrod included.
Paddling the coastal flats is glorious in itself, though good photos can be tough because of the shallow expanse.
It's always gravy when you can throw in a few fish.
Most of the day, cameras were aimed at birds, a few shots came out nice.
Early morning, high tide, just across the channel and entering the pass onto Lighthouse Lakes
South into the grass trail found some sheltered slick water - perfect for hunting fish sign, though we didn't find much
gliding into the morning
deep into the trail, a roseate spoonbill lit by the sun
there it is, trail marker 21 - got out for some stalking
first fish sign of the day - fished my Issac 8-1/2' 6/7 para and Ocean Prince with floating line
an ibis that hasn't had her fill of brine shrimp (the lighthouse in the back)
these pelicans were not going to give up their duck blind, were completely unimpressed by us, and watched us sight-fishing their nervous water
ladyfish - these are a blast on a flyrod - here with a spool swap to a slime line in a knee-deep hole
rat red
watermelon break
here we came back to the pass draining the lake, the tide is falling, I have my Teeny rigged on Sage RPLX7, and it's bent
by a respectable black drum - these are always the proudest catch on the flats
one more shot with the boat
Stevo's hot shot of a spoonbill
thanks - that was the best of 170 frames from two cameras.

The pelicans told us the fishing was going to be an average day (Brown & Root is always better fishing)
But an average day paddling the flats is still wonderful.

this was a different trip, way back up in the bottleneck connecting Allen's Lake to Fence Lake
Hi redchaser, that is a Hardy Ocean Prince No. 1.

It's actually a heavy-duty click-pawl reel with a friction-brake anti-reverse - a very fun reel for inshore fishing (even caught a couple of jacks with it).
Image Image Image Image

The second reel I'm using is a Lamson LP3.5, which I've fished in the salt since late 80s - still looks mostly new, especially inside - good reel.

Thanks for the report Jason.

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