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By flyndubya89
Pretty new to fly fishing and would like to know a good way to clean my fly line and if there is any good products to use that I don't have to buy online. There isn't much available in College Station fly fishing wise and I don't get down to Houston enough to visit FTU. Any home remedies?

What about oiling my reel, does it need to be anything specific? Over the winter when I was working in Houston I bought the FTU 2 pc. 8 wt. rod/reel combo.
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By aggie182
I put a few inches of water in the sink, drip a few drops of dish soap in, swish it around then drain and rinse the line then reel back on drying it with a paper towel as it goes back on the reel. There are products specifically made for cleaning fly line but the few drops of dish soap has served me well.
By flyndubya89
Seems easy enough, I wouldn't mind buying some line cleaner but if there are home solutions I would rather go for those since I'm a cheap college student! Cheers for the advice.
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By Doug Poudre
Rio or SA makes these little pads that you wet and run the line through until it comes out clean, then rub some muscilin on it if its a floating line. Easy on the water fix.

Not to dis your combo, but the reel will be the first to go. I also have one that was my first setup. The line is also kinda crappy. I am a former employee, so I have no problem saying that. It's a great starter though.
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By osok
Welcome to the other side of fishing. I have no home cleaning solution but sure others will chime in. I'm sure your outfit will serve you fine as it sounds like you take care of your equipment. Most of us start out just as you have and then get addicted and get the best we can afford. Good luck in school, the education will probably enable you to get any outfit you want in a few years. Been there done that, living on the cheap to get the education.

If you ever get a chance attend a PACK trip as someone is usually using a fly rod.
By flyndubya89
osok - thanks for the encouragement! I love casting a fly over convential casting. It really is sort of an art, gets better over time. I have an ongoing internship with an oil field service company so the money is very nice over the breaks.

Doug - I'll look for those locally, otherwise I'll just have to get down to Houston and purchase some or order online. I already am not very satisfied with the drag system of this reel and I've noticed the line kinks up a lot. I think they call it memory? Correct me if I'm wrong please. First purchase will be new line and leader, most likely SA. I love the feel of the rod though, which is exactly why I bought from FTU. I know they produce quality rods since I have a few buddies with the green rod and anytime I'm in there, they seem to know their shit. After new line I want to get a better reel and hopefully an extra spool, so I can run 8 wt. and 7 wt. for better casting or maybe a weight forward and a floating line. Only thing I dread is tying all those new knots, I hate tying knots already but the ones I don't know by heart really suck haha
By flyfshndoc
According to Tom Jindra, a sales rep for fly equipment, one should use soap as opposed to detergent to wash the line, then any good commercial dressing. He maintains that detergents break down the material in the line coating. Also, no armor-all on the lines, for the same reason.

By flyndubya89
Detergent being the the powdery stuff that goes directly into the dishwasher and soap being the liquid stuff I soak my pots in after making delicious mac-n-cheese but can use the same soap to wash my hands? Just want to be clear on the difference.

Say I were to put a dressing that promotes floating on my WF line, something like Rio AgentX, what would the results be?
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By texasag07
When you all are cleaning everything with dish washing liquid and soap are you doing the fly line only or the backing to? I assume just the flyline and just giving the backing a rinse.
By flyndubya89
I did both my line and backing under the assumption that even though I haven't gotten all the way down to the spool yet, there will be lots of crud that seeps through, then dressed my the line. Can any of you more knowledgeable guys chime in?
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By aggie182
I am on the lower end of the knowledgeable spectrum but I only do my fly line. I have never done my backing. I don't know if it is because I am lazy or because backing is cheap.
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By Doug Poudre
I'm going to quote two guides that have fly fished for a few years.

First, Capt Chris Phillips, who is no longer fishing on our plane of existence:
"Best way to clean and treat a fly line is to go fish it again. I don't waste my time with cleaning the line but I don't have a problem with my lines. It's just a waste of time."

The other is a guide from Davidson River Outfitters in NC, David, can't remember his last name but he's got some years fishing and guiding up and down the east coast, Pennsylvania to SC to Florida and now based at DRO. Good guy to fish with.
"For on the water, use Rio cleaning pads, cut them into small squares and run the line through til it comes out clean. Then dress it with Musclin. It'll get it floating again. You probably should clean your fly line about once a season, but this works well if you don't."

Taking their advice has served me well. IF you need more, you can continue to ask. K.I.S.S.
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I like cortland cleaner once a year maybe ,, also since your new to the dark side ,,dont forget to stretch your fly line before fishing ,
this makes it a breeze to cast.
if you yet dont know how to do it....
grab about 3 feet of fly line ,one hand on each end then the middle put your foot "no shoes on" or knee and pull to stretch , then move on and on and on...

By flyndubya89
I'm having a hard time finding musclin anywhere, does anybody have any links to who sells it?

Got some SA line dressing and a cleaning pad from Gander Mountain, haven't dressed the line yet but cleaned it and stretched it (thanks for reminding me about that LUISJG). Hopefully I'll make it out to the lake today!
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By Doug Poudre
I'll check FTU and bring you some cuz I'm coming up in April and stretch the line right before you fish. If you're looking before then, try giving them a call. I don't think it would be something that they would necessarily list on a website. One container should last a long while.

I used to work at the Outdoor center leading paddling trips and for Bus Ops/Transportation Special Events Coordinator.

Class of '00, Old Army Cock Company, C-2. I also have a 4wt WFF Sharkskin line I'd pass on to you if your interested.
By flyndubya89
That would be great Doug, I appreciate that. I may actually be to North Houston this weekend and wanted to try and make it down to I-10 anyways. I wouldn't have any use for a 4wt line, but a friend of mine in Tomball has a 4wt I believe.

Going to be doing any fishing on your trip back to Aggieland?
By John B.
I'm pretty sure you don't need to treat modern fly lines with Mucilin. It'll work but most (if not all) recent fly lines have materials that are part of the coating designed to assist in floating the line (i.e., RIO's Agent X). You can rinse your line in fresh water with a very small amount of dish soap, then run it through a cloth until it's really clean. There are liquid products (again, RIO Agent X or a similar Scientific Anglers product) that you should be able to find easily at fly shops. You apply to a pad and run your line through to slick it back up and help it float if it's gotten really dirty or been stepped on a bunch in the bottom of your boat. Some guys are more adament about doing this regularly, but I've gotten by doing it once a year or so, maybe more if the line gets really abused. I'm kind of in the Captain Chris camp, but your mileage may vary, particularly depending on how often you're fishing.

I also don't think it's necessary (but certainly not harmful) to clean your backing. I give it a rinse, on the spool, when I'm cleaning my reels. It's so rare that I actually see my backing when fishing the flats up here that I rarely think about it.

Long story short, I wouldn't worry about it too much, and focus on fishing.

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By billy bobba
I don't -- though I usually soak the whole reel and line in a bucket of freshwater for awhile to dissolve salt rather than pushing it into reel and backing.
Freshwater fishing usually makes the line stickier than saltwater from some reason.
When I was bass fishing a lot with a fly rod, I actually made a small cleaning pad that you wore on your line hand index finger.
You cleaned the line as you stripped it in.
By Stander
I clean my 8wt salt water rig after every use. Rod, guides, line and reel. I don't mess with the backing. I just use fresh water and pull line trough a wash cloth, pull back through my fingers (this helps feel for any cuts or damage) then dry by pulling back through a clean dry towel. After a weekend trip, I will apply Rio X at the end and let it set out for several hours before I wind back onto the reel.

I don't clean my heavy gear after fishing fresh water unless it is really dirty water (scum) or I have been stepping on line or draging through dirt, which I try not to do.

Midweight to micro weight lines are cleaned the same way as the salt stuff once I feel the drag of the line through the guides. This happens more frequently with the OO - 2wts.

Also, when fishing salt, don't put your used flies back into the same box as the non-used flies. Keep them seperate, then wash with fresh water and let dry before placing them back into the fly box.
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