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By 2FlyFish4
So everyone is familiar with the Half and Half fly; part clouser/part deceiver. This is a little different based on Jonny Kings Kinky Muddler and his Hoo fly. I think he already kinda makes a fly like this or very similar.


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By Dageaux1977
After much trial & error to duplicate a crab pattern - I think I have it. Please post your critiques so I can improve this pattern
Here it is the final product. I added the pincher material and actual eye, plus the UV Pink material on the bottom, since the hook rides up.

Mouth piece - Bait emulator Flash - wrapped @ bend portion of hook - cut to about an inch long
Barbell eyes
Hook - 2/0 Offset Round Bend Hook
Fibers - Pink UV - Sticks out about 2 in past the bend of hook
Crab eye - EP Crab eyes
Claws - EP Crab Claws
Body - EP Crustaceous Brush w/ mirco legs
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By Ron Mc
threw this up because Finn asked about it.
It casts like a piece of yarn and flares into a pinfish in the water
it's not terribly photogenic

best I could do in short order, and i blew back the marabou, otherwise it sticks straight out
size 6 4x-long stainless (same shank as a size 2, and size 2 works well)
Black thread (the epoxy picked up red dye from the rooster saddles over time)
Everything is tied at the back of the hook
a few flashabou strands
pair rooster saddles
pair barred hen saddles
marabou feather wrapped as hackle collar
you could quit at the thread wrap on the hook and fish it
super-glue doll eyes
wet the feathers back and epoxy the eyes and hook

you can mix colors, chartreuse, blue is a great marabou collar.
it's a fly rod cocahoe minnow
We invented it on a Fence Lake trip Many years ago, so we named it Fence Lake Roach
We also got into schooling reds beating bait against our feet that trip and it caught many fish.
But I've caught Many specs drifting SP with it
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By Ron Mc
Seeing Past Photobucket Hotlink Block

Unless the OP deleted their photobucket account, every old photobucket image is still linked on this website (and every other place on the internet). Photobucket has chosen to show you a block image instead of the original image.

There are Free Add-Ons available for both Chrome and Firefox, which will let you choose to see the original photo instead of the "ransom block" image, both on this bulletin board and every other internet website.

For Chrome - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/photobucket-hotlink-fix/kegnjbncdcliihbemealioapbifiaedg?hl=en

for Firefox - https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefo ... ket-fixer/

After installing my add-on, I called up an old thread thread, and I can see every photo
And of course, I can also see everyone else's old photobucket images in context on every thread and every website.

Uploading the patch, you're not doing photobucket any favors, giving them any money, agreeing with them - all you're doing is restoring your old knowledge base to where it was before the photobucket ransom

If you want to remove the add on later, go to Add-ons and remove or disable it, or with Chrome, just right-click on your toolbar.
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By Kayak buddy
I bought some articulating shafts to make these articulating poppers so they would ride hook up, the popper bite was on last weekend. I bought shafts that were too long so I put my bigger heads on them.
Heres how I made them although self explanatory.

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By impulse
Beautiful flies, and craftsmanship to be proud of.

In contrast, I offer my Funky Chicken pattern, so named because I started with a $5 feather duster bought on the street in Bangkok. They come in all kinds of colors, depending on the poor chicken that donated the feathers.

FYI, the coin in the photo is a Thai 10 baht piece, about the size of a quarter.

They worked great on snakeheads and barramundi, which are a common quarry in Thailand... I left them behind when I moved back to Texas, so I can't say whether they work on reds, trout or bass. They do look great, streamlined when twitched, then flaying out when they stand still, kind of like a natural bait.

My point (poorly made): Each of these took less than a minute to chuck up and tie, proving that you don't need any special skills, expensive equipment, or the patience of a saint to start tying your own. Just do it.

Edit: I will concede a poor choice of hook styles. But that's what was available in Thailand... And they still worked. I think they looked a lot like small tilapia, which is a prevalent prey fish.
Funky Chicken Flies.jpg
By BowBuddy
bones72 wrote:Hey Kayak buddy, I have some baby bass flies tied up using mylar and such if you'd like to give 'em a try.

Ok I massage you

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