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By Prof. Salt
I've been tinkering with a crab pattern for quite a while, but it's finally getting close to a pattern worthy of a "how to build" video. Using EP fiber for the shell seems to be exactly what I wanted as far as good looks and durability. The velcro material made a beautiful crab, but they didn't stand up to the abuse fish dished out. The standard crazy legs work well, but the weakness has been maribou and feathers that I used for claws and mouth parts. They look good in the water but don't last as long as I would prefer. This version features EP fiber mouth parts and EP bundles for claws. I heat-sealed the business end to keep the shape. Saturday I landed six solid reds on this fly and, after I got it home and dried, the fly looks like new. I think this was the answer I'd been searching for ...but more testing will follow for confirmation. :D

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kickingback wrote:Nice eyes on that crab. Very nice Sir! :clap:

Thanks! After a lot of experimenting, I figured out how to easily and reliably make them look the way I wanted. Now I'm working on good lighting to shoot a "how to" video of the pattern. I learned that shooting macro video of the fly on a vise requires much more light (and from several angles) than the usual video.
By bones72
That is one darn good looking bug.

I just made it down to the coast las week. Had no success on the reds as I was with a non kayaking partner and limited to walk in but I did manage a few sheepshead right in front the USS Lexington on the fly. I learned that my bugs need to be more durable. The little shrimp flies I was using came up missing parts after one fish. Even the little mangrove snapper were hard on them.

You made a bug that stood up to a mess of reds I would say you got a winner for sure and looking forward to the" how to".
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