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By ben_beyer
I'm looking at getting my first vise and from the research I've done I am leaning towards the Renzetti Traveler 2200.

One of the complaints I found for the vise was the weight of the base. Some used a base from Cabelas which seems to be heavy so I could get the clamp version and buy the Cabelas base if I wanted to go that route.

In some of my research I found some information that they upgrade the base about 8 years ago and that it's pretty good. Does anyone know if that is true or have any advice regarding going for the base or clamp version?

https://www.cabelas.com/product/fishing ... s?slotId=8
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By Ron Mc
I have both the clamp and the base for my vise. I don't care about the weight, I prefer using the base - I like the convenience of turning the vise any direction, and have a magnet pad attached to the top of the base that keeps my queued hooks handy and secured - especially useful for tiny midge hooks with barbs pinched and bead head already slid up.
But if packing light for travel, the clamp weighs nothing and will attach to a table or just about anything.
By Kayak Kid
If you find that fly tying is as enjoyable for you as you think it might be, then you will, most likely follow the path that many of us have trod. I'm sure that there will be many more vices in your future, as well as a plethora of gidgets and gadgets that one accumulates. I started tying on a second hand cheap fly tying kit vice. I now tie on several vices (prices defeated In case my wife reads this) that are truly beautiful things to behold. Funny, though, because my flies are still butt ugly.

Although Ron Mac has proven to have little fly fishing experience, :D , I agree with him this once. The heavy base is the way to go at this time. I also like the flexibility of positioning that they afford, as opposed to clamp on's.

Clamp on's are generally for travel, but half the fun of a fishing trip for me is preparation, and that can be done well before you arrive at your destination. My MO for what it's worth, is to call a couple of local fly shops located near where I'll be fishing before I leave for my fishing trip. They usually give me a good idea of what flies are effective during the time I'll be fishing in their area. I pull out my computer, look up the directions for the flies they suggest, and tie away.
By ben_beyer
I went ahead and got the Renzetti Traveler 2200 with a base.

I also ordered some supplies to tie the Bluegill Belly Bean in some different patterns. I'm looking forward to tying my first flies.
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By karstopo
I like my 2300. The only traveling I’ve done with my Renzetti traveler is moving it to various tables around my house. Holds a assortment of hooks very well with minimal time getting the hook secure. That’s about all I ask out of a vise.
By ben_beyer
Well I tied my first fly on Friday and made the second that night too. Yesterday I tied 3 more and a sixth (not pictured) this morni
45856933_10104872164375523_2672158274513534976_n.jpg (28.87 KiB) Viewed 1471 times
46053409_10104872164315643_5597700648620523520_n.jpg (27.11 KiB) Viewed 1471 times
By ben_beyer

Three of the five flies are using bead chain instead of lead. The main reasons are because I downsized the pattern from a size 6 to size 10 and because I only have 4wt rods at this time. I am thinking about getting a 6wt or 7wt or maybe even an 8wt (carp and bigger river bass, like Brazos river bass) but just haven't decided.
By ben_beyer
I need to get back to the vise and tie up some more Bluegill Belly Beans. I'm also trying to figure out what to tie next. I only have 4wt rods at this time and I'm primarily after bluegill. So do I go for some wooly buggers, copper johns, or something else.

I'd really like to tie up some saltwater patterns since I'll get a 7wt or 8wt next.
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