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By RexW
Hello Everyone, we will be hosting a full day casting clinic on May 19-20 in the Keller area. Keller is located on the north side of Fort Worth. This clinic is not free, but I think you will find the price is a bargain.

The format will include both hands on casting and classroom style instruction. We plan to have a half dozen or so FFI certified casting instructors and master certified instructors that will be teaching at this clinic. We will have a small student to instructor ratio during the casting portions.

Having multiple instructors means that the students will be grouped with similar skill levels while casting. This format appropriate for all skill levels from beginning to advanced. The information covered during the clinic would be beneficial for those planning to take the FFI instructor certification exam.

Saturday is the primary day of the clinic and Sunday will be an optional continuation with more advanced level topics. Lunch is included in the cost of each day, and a shrimp boil is planned for the end of the day on Saturday. We can provide equipment if needed.

> The cost for Saturday, May 19, is $125. This includes the full day casting clinic, lunch, and a shrimp boil in the evening.

> The cost for Sunday, May 20, is $75, which includes lunch. (Sunday is an optional continuation of Saturday.)

If you would like to sign up for the clinic or if you have questions, please contact Jim Bass at JBASS3223@ATT.NET. You can also contact me.

The format of this clinic is similar to the clinics that Al Crise used to host in Glen Rose.

You will get your money’s worth if you attend this clinic.

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