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By karstopo
StrykerDM wrote:
karstopo wrote:Messy deer hair divers for the LMB. Did 6 and water tested 3. Less material, less buoyancy, duh! Enjoyed tying them and even missed a bass on one. Image

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Nice! Check out those green hair packers sold by pat Cohen...things work amazing for getting tight deer hair bodies.

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I need to. I was going for a loose pack as some video I saw pointed me in that direction to reduce buoyancy. Pat Cohen’s deer hair bugs are works of art.

I bought maybe a dozen of these divers from a discount fly retailer. They aren’t exactly uniform and are pretty loosely packed and the ones that ride a little lower and dive a little deeper seem to work better. I just tried to copy the store bought ones and shade mine to just barely float instead of riding high. They are actually a pretty fast and easy tie, especially if you are pretty indifferent about the deer hair spinning and packing. It would have been even faster if I had a razor.

It’s nice now that I live on water as I can immediately test the flies I tie. I tested the first 3 I tied to see how they swimmed. I missed a fish with the third one being a little quick on the set.
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By karstopo
So the deer hair divers swim great. One thing I’ve noticed is they tend to get a little waterlogged after a while. That affects the buoyancy. Next batch, I’m going to pack the hair a little tighter and trim a little less. Somewhere, deer hair divers cross the line and become muddler minnows. Some of this batch seems to be a hybrid.
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