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By pdt818
Got home from work the other day and found a package with my name on it and when i looked at the shipping address i knew EXACTLY what it was. Two of the prettiest baits i have seen. I ordered them nearly 3 weeks ago and the wait was killing me. The baits are made by a guy in california named Dave Roberson and his company is Orso Swimbaits. I ordered a 12" shad and 8" shad version of his split-tail bait and 1 of his 7" Gillzilla baits in the bluegill pattern. I have been an avid user of swimbaits for a while and have racked up a collection of em from the Strike-King King Kong to the Spro BBZ-1 to the TruTungsten Bluegill bait. Overall, after a breif but fun test trip with the new baits, i can say that those have nothing on Dave's baits. These suckers are SICK. On the short outing i had two serious hits on the 8" bait and on the 7" bluegill, and this is on a community pond. Even though I didnt hook up, it got my blood boiling. Can't wait to try em out on Fayette County Resevoir or even on Rayburn or Lake Nacogdoches :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
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By Roofish
You go all the way to Fayette, how is it? Is it hot like Bastrop, water temp that is? :) I have never used swimbaits, but am hearing lots of good things about them :)
By pdt818
I go to fayette about 1-2 times a month. depending on how bad i get the hankerin for bass fishing a real lake instead of a community lake or pond. Fayette is a power plant lake and the water stays fairly warm throughout the year. especially by the discharge where it can hit the 90 degree mark. i usually fish around the discharge in winter for some schoolies. I'm tellin ya roo, swimbaits rock! i like using the hard baits versus the soft plastic ones just due to the longevity of the lures life. dont like having to spend 6-10 bucks on a package of soft swim baits that i will use in an outing :? . You dont catch a huge quantity of fish, but you will definately up your quality :wink:. Just keep casting and when they hit, hold on :shock:
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Wondering how swim baits would work at night. I'm doing an all night tourn. this weekend and thinking what else to throw besides big plastics and jigs. Ever try it at night?
By pdt818
yea man i have had success fishing nights with em too. you can get em to go after it best on half moon nights all the way to full moon. the extra lunar light helps.use a floating model and reel it in slow so it makes a wake on the surface or try twitchin it hard and quick to make a litle fuss on the water. yea darker lures will help them key in on it a lil bit more, but i have had success on all colors.i have yet to try these new ones at night but i have had my best luck throwing the spro BBZ-1 since it puts off a lot of thump in the water. After my run with these i think i might even try the Huddleston swimbait. i like its large paddle tail.
By pdt818
my bad for not putting the link up. thanks for posting it up anyways. you can also go to youtube and watch videos of the guy who makes these baits working his lures in lake castaic (i think, or clear lake). just search orso swimbaits. the reaon i dont have any pics up is cuz i can't post them at work. they have blocked photobucket and i cant access it. don't worry i will post up with pics when i catch my first fish on em. hopefully tonight
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By Jay61
I sure hope you tie great knots. :lol: Am i reading the price right? $125 for ONE??? :shock:
That would buy alot of plastic, IMHO.
By pdt818
never said they were cheap haha. but yea thats what they cost. throw em on 25 pound mono and on 65 pound braid. rod choice is a 7'10" swimbait rod made by bass pro shop that has guides that are made to not get ruined by braid and on a high speed 6.3:1 reel, also made by bass pro (the nitro series). been looking at other reels to use though.
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By Jay61
I used to fish an 8" Rapala for stripers on Amistad, mostly trolled it but every now and then I'd hook a bass not much bigger than the lure. Those are nice looking lures, almost need to be on the wall behind glass!
By pdt818
when i first started using swimbaits i used the plastic ones. as i gained confidence in em i moved up in size gradually until i was usin like a 7-8" bait. it was crazy seein a 1/2 pound to 1 pound bass come crash the thing. just goes to show you how aggressive those little guys are
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By Scerzilla
Jay61 wrote:I sure hope you tie great knots. :lol: Am i reading the price right? $125 for ONE??? :shock:
That would buy alot of plastic, IMHO.

WOW!!! I just checked out the site and that is way out of my price range for a bait! They look pretty but if I bought one of those it would be on my coffee table in a glass case definitely not in my tackle box.
By pdt818
i am just a sucker for real pretty baits. this guy makes them himself and no 1 is alike. call me dumb for buyin em, but hey you only live once :D . aint gunna be able to spend my money when im dead and gone so i might as well make the most of it
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By reservoir dog
my gosh! they are nice looking, but dang!!! that's a large pricetag.
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By capn crunch
i think if i hung one of those up, id go swimmin for it :shock:
By Elite13
125 for 1 lure :shock: were you intoxicated when you ordered them :lol:
By windrider
Dang, I get mad when I lose a 7$ lure. I can't even imagine the 1st time I lost 1 of those!
By pdt818
Elite13 wrote:125 for 1 lure :shock: were you intoxicated when you ordered them :lol:

haha no but that woulda been a good excuse to give the fiance! like i said, i'm a sucker for quality good lookin baits. the action on these things is sick. i was throwing one of em the other day on my reel thats spooled with fluorocarbon and a guy down the bank thought that it was a real fish since he didnt see the line :D
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