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By eyedoc
I’ve been playing with my Malibu 2XL to make it....just better. I’ve had it for years and it’s a decent fishing yak, but I’ve struggled to find a seat that doesn’t make me anxious to get out after a couple of hours and I THINK I’ve done it.

It took some angle grinding, well nuts and some yak attack paddle holders, but I got my Vibe Hero seat mounted. It’s impossible to just find elevated seats (and this one took 3 weeks to arrive), but I finally got one and it feel awesome on land. Water test tomorrow!

All that’s left is fish finder (I still can’t decide if I want the Hook 5 or a castable Deeper Chirp) and dash console!


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By imaoldmanyoungsalt
I like it! That's a comfortable looking seat. I put a stadium seat in mine and while it's better than the original "pad" style seat it had, it's still not as comfortable as I'd like. I keep watching for someone selling a seat similar to yours but haven't come across one yet. Good mod for sure!
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By eyedoc
It’s surprising how hard it is to find an aftermarket seat! I almost bought a replacement seat from Ascend for my youngest’s 12T kayak (which is actually more comfortable than mine), but even THOSE were on backorder for at least 6-8 weeks.


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By impulse
junkyard chihuahua wrote:the 'rona has been a real shot in the arm for almost every kind of outdoor oriented business... or so it seems.

Kind of a mixed blessing. Lots of demand, but not much left on the shelves to sell.
By junkyard chihuahua
Its a strange time for sure... I've been doing some maintenance on a power boat and talking with McClain Trailers and Transport Boats... They both claim to be super busy right now...
By Jimbo_47
That is a really good job with that seat! Those Malibu 2 Ocean kayaks are classic!
I've seen more pickups on the hwy and expressways with kayaks in the back than ever before, and also bikes on racks going down the hwy.
Gun ranges are also pretty popular as well.
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By eyedoc
I’m really lucky because my boys are absolutely eaten up with kayak fishing!

Here’s the “fleet” with my co-captains


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