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By gfmd33
Have any of you done the 87 to Castell float with kids?
My kids are 12, 10, and 7. They all have small kid kayaks and my wife and I have diablo chupacabras. I am trying to determine if this is realistic and how long does it take to paddle. Thank you for your help.
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By Neumie
It's roughly a 12.25 mile paddle from 87 to Castell with infamous boulder gardens. There's a TPWD Lease Access on Maso Llan Rd which would cu the float down to about 6.5 miles; would have to call ahead for access.

The South Llano is a good option, although I haven't been on it since the flood of 2018. Hwy 377 1st crossing to the State Park is 10.5 miles. There's another TPWD Lease Access from CR 150 which cuts the float down to 7.75 miles to the State Park. State Park to the Lake Junction is about 6 miles.

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