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By Prof. Salt
I finally got doctor permission to paddle again last week, and went up to the Nueces five out of six days. I was surprised that the bass were still spawning, but the numbers dwindled during the week and I believe the run has ended now. It was good for a few days, and I'm sure glad the fish waited this late so I could get up there and join in. If you're interested, the drum/goo are running in the same spots now. They resist striking at a fly, but I learned that if you keep dragging a fly in front of them, they can be aggravated enough to strike. Just be very sneaky getting close enough to cast. These fish are much more spooky than white bass.
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By Kirk B.
Good that you are able to get your paddle on, and that the whites hung around +just for you+!
You'll just have to work your way back up to BTB shape.
Looking forward to further adventures.

Kirk B.

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