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By Fishinganywhere
I am in georgetown for the summer and between the times i can get down to the coast and go offshore im looking to try and catch some catfish around here, hopefully big ones, catch and release. Just hoping anyone would be kind enough to share a spot that might hold some catfish blue or flatheads around georgetown austin area
By SWFinatic
There not in Decker lol. Went out for a little while this morning and one channel kept the skunk away but that's all. I think all the fresh water is making it tough. Plus water temp was 79 already.

Granger isn't bad but gets a lot of pressure on the whiskers.

Best bet prolly be either Buchanan or lake Whitney. Lots of cats in both lakes.
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By Endo
Granger has tons of cats. I've never gone after the "big ones", so not sure what you have in mind there.

But I've never had trouble catching them there, good place to take kids for them.

By SWFinatic
Endo it's not bad but nowhere near what it used to be. Lots of pressure and it's rare to find anyone releasing cats. I've seen dozens of pictures of 30+ pound blues and yellows. The lake is holding a lot of silt too. And something happened to the perch or sunfish. Hard to catch em there now.
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