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By NavionicsSpecJason
First tournament of the year and an hour in and one of the guys in my group gets swamped by a bass boat tournament launching from the same ramp. Fortunately the only thing lost was some equipment and a little time. Image

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By NavionicsSpecJason
Jimbo_47 wrote:I think it would be welcomed to have more details about how that happened. :?

Narrow creek arm, about 10-12 feet of water, just outside the no wake zone. Angler was fishing a lay down on the bluff wall, had the bow of the kayak facing the bluff wall. Swamped from the stern by wake.

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By Jimbo_47
They seem to have left their brains at the shore.
Can't convince me they didn't know it happened.
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By larry long shadows
in the 60s water, skiers would buss my Dad while he was bass fishing in his small bass boat till he cast his fishing line over their ski lines...
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