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By imaoldmanyoungsalt
I'm 4 days into my vacation and all I've done so far is work around the house. I decided enough is enough. I loaded up and hit the Brazos below Possum Kingdom today. Man, I love that place. So beautiful.
I put in at hwy 16 and paddled up river to the dam. 2 young guys were already there but they hadn't had any luck. I started out throwing a paddle tail. No luck. Tried a rattle trap. No luck. Tried just about everything else in my box. No luck. Until,...wait for it, wait for it
That right, the TSL comes thru again. I did catch another small bass on it but didn't get a pic. I also hooked 2 other fish earlier on a spoon but lost them both and never got to see them.
2 guys came in late in the afternoon and caught 7 or 8 nice stripers on topwaters fishing from the bank. Unfortunately I didn't bring any topwaters. Bummer! Oh well, it was a beautiful day and I caught 2 fish and that beats a day of chores anytime.
Here's a few pics


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By imaoldmanyoungsalt
Thanks for the nice comments guys.
I used to rarely take photos but since I joined this forum, I make it a point to take them now. Seeing all the great pictures everyone on here shares keeps me inspired.

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