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By Poolio
I took a little trip down the Devil's river a couple of weeks ago. We went after this rain started, but it wasn't quite flooded everywhere yet. The forecast called for rain, but mild temps, so we headed out. The water at Bakers crossing looked great. It was a little high, but still very clear. Image
We paddled off, and were barely able to fit under the first low bridge.Image
Day one brought lots of largemouth bass on topwaters. The Whopper Plopper seemed to be the bait of choice for the day. Here's Frank with his first of the day.Image
At the end of day one and the kayaks were hard to pull out of the water, but mine was really a struggle and I was starting to feel like a little girly man. My ego was saved when I discovered the reason behind the struggle. My yak was half full of water. I drained the yak, pulled it out, and found a scupper crack that was to blame. Image
This was a new problem and one that none of us were prepared for. After some thinking, cursing, and worrying, I tackled the problem with some good ole redneck engineering. I heated a knife and melted some plastic zip ties into the wound, and covered it with a wad of gorilla tape. Image
The next day, I was a lot more careful with even the smallest of rapids. Image
We also finally got into the more fun smallies in day 2.Image
It was a great day and the ghetto repair job held out the whole day. Day 3 and 4 brought deeper water holes for lots of smallmouth action, and some beautiful scenery.Image
Franky managed to run the famed 3-tier rapid on his Viking like a pro.Image
The third night brought little sleep due to surrounding thunder storms and a fearful lightning show on all sides. Image
These storms caused many neighboring Rivers to flood, several people had to be airlifted to safety that night and the early morning. We were very lucky. Day 4 for us was unexpectedly beautiful. We planned for downpour, but were graced with sunlight and calm winds. Of course, the fish kept biting as well.Image
The day ended with a take out at Gerald's magical winch stairs.Image
And of course one final parting shot. Image
Once at home, I was able to address the damage to the hull and properly weld with the correct plastic. Image
It's far from pretty, and not a color match, but I'm sure it will hold. All in all, the trip was an adventure that I will not soon forget. The natural beauty, excellent fishing, and complete removal from the trappings of our modern world make this river truly special.

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By Cuervo Jones
Yet another place i need to get my lazy butt to. Stellar report. The yak half-full of water happened to me once too. Top water bass and a whopper plopper!!! I LOVE IT!!!

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