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By Zech6767
When does the run start? Ive caught them in the San Jacinto east fork before (probably 6 years ago) I just don’t remember the exact month. All I remember is that it was cold. Is January too early??

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By Cuervo Jones
It’s never a bad idea to check and see if the fish are running early.

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By hipshot
I've seen waves as early as December, but the main run generally peaks around early to mid March. I have had some stellar days in February on Spring Creek in years past. It's contingent on the length of the days, water temperature, current, water clarity, and probably a dozen other minor factors. A heavy rain with rising, muddy water will shut them down.
By Yakety_Yak
Depending on what part of Texas you live in and where you fish will determine things (weather/conditions pending of course). Usually the further south you go, the run will start earlier. As you progress up the state, the run starts a little bit later. Typically though white bass usually start in February ish.
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