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By Ron Mc
In the hill country we catch Texas brook trout - endemic Guadalupe bass, which occupy the same niche in our limestone creeks as trout do in coldwater
A-strain endemic bass in Cibolo headwaters
15 inches is a lunker endemic bass, but sometimes...
working west, there are some good largemouth - not native, but wild from stock tank overflow - this one, 28" (sight-fished), but eating nickel-sized crayfish and dime-sized minnows in the river, no more than 9 lbs - it would be twice that weight in a reservoir eating shad
The bluegill were sure shy in that hole
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By karstopo
I moved this year to a 77 acre natural oxbow lake. Somewhere along the way years back, Florida strain LMB bass were stocked. A recent survey of the Fish said 70 percent of the bass had Florida genes. I think the survey found a few 8 plus pound fish. I’ve heard of double digit fish being caught, but can’t confirm whether it really was the truth. One guy that fishes the lake a lot says he caught a 7.5 # and I believe him. I caught a weighed then released 5.5 # LMB off my dock that was hanging around near the surface. That fish went for a small hackle fly.

We’ve been out in the flat bottom a few times and there’s been a couple 4 plus pound fish. Most are 1- 2.5 pounds. I haven’t fish the spawn and pre spawn period. I moved in July.
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