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By sawyert
I'm new to Texas and live in corpus, I've been avidly fishing the saltwater bays and fished lake mathis once. I would like to try some river fishing but all I can find about Nueces river fishing is up north near three rivers. Is that the only good place to fish on this river? Is there any spots near mathis or south that are worth fishing?
By Jimbo_47
The white bass stage getting ready for their run upriver near Sweeney Switch at the mouth of the river early around Dec. and Jan.
There are a lot of whites that start early and are already up at the shallows by that time as well, especially if the weather has been mild.
You can do well during those times in both locations mentioned, and it's not uncommon to bring in limits just about anywhere along the miles and miles of river, if you just hunt for them.
Access is limited, and finding a private ramp near the upper end of the lake is going to be your only chance unless you know someone in a private subdivision that has a ramp.
Up river you are limited to the ramp at hwy 59 under the bridge or the airport road ramp between George West and Three Rivers, both free.
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By Prof. Salt
The Nueces South of Mathis has muddy banks and very limited visibility. There are some big gar and catfish in that stretch, and below the Mathis lake dam I have done really well on white bass in the rapids (not sure if you can get to that spot easily these days). South of Choke Canyon, the river has more rocky and sandy stretches, and the water clarity is a little better. Gar and catfish can be worth a look if you know what to look for. Nueces white bass aren't typically as big as in some rivers, but they are around in good numbers during the run.
By Brockster
When I fished the BASS open there the water was really murky but still caught around a dozen fish flipping the shoreline. Would only it black craws. Nothing over 2.7 though. I'm sure there are bigger fish staging the same spots with the cooler water. I lost a pretty big fish not to far from the salt water barrier on a buzzbait.
Good Luck!

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