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By krackdawg
Fun day out on the water with my kids in our yak's until we were leaving and I accidentally unloaded our rods near the boat ramp and forgot to reload them in my vehicle. Yes I know ... A major bone head move. I realized my mistake 15-20 minutes later while grabbing lunch at the concession stand in the park. I raced back to find them gone... My stomach dropped. Come to find out, the park rangers picked up some of them, but not before a couple guys made off with over 400 bucks in mine, and my daughters rods/ reels. According to witnesses, they took a the rods to return them to their "friends" ... Not so, as I had no clue who they were. All witnesses told me was that they left towing their small bass boat in a grey Toyota Tundra with big texas aggie stickers on the back (not knocking aggies, I am an aggie). Park Rangers said the guys never came by to turn the rods in to lost and found... I know- shocker.
What was taken...
-black Lews tournament pro baitcaster, on a white Abu Veritas rod
-silver Orra baitcaster on a grey all star crankbait rod.
-And my daughters pink diawa spinning reel/rod

I did videotape some of the trip, so I am hoping I caught the truck on video, but ill have to check the video to see.

At least it was a great opportunity to teach my kids...
A. Always double check your gear before leaving the boat ramp
B. Some people just won't do the the right thing, so when you have a chance, make sure you do... Don't be like these guys that take advantage of others mistake... Its called stealing!!

I know it all started with my mistake, and I know all about learning the hard way, but I would like to believe, no... I know I would have turned them in at the park office... Guess this is the world we live in.
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By Kirk B.
I'll be out there next weekend. If I see the truck, I'll try to get a shot of the plates. Don't know what good it will do, but you never know.

Kirk B.
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By krackdawg
TigerLandSportsman wrote:I hate to hear that, but they are still good people out there that would have turned them in.

Very true!

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