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By pearlbeer
Before I die, I would like to paddle the entire Colorado River, from Longhorn Dam to Matagorda Bay. Life will dictate that this be done in chunks.

So, I would like to get a cool wall map of the Colorado, where I can plan trips and highlight the completed sections.

Anyone know where I can get a good map of the Colorado? Can't seem to find anything...
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I've been wanting to make a big map like that myself. I'm not sure of the exact process, but I've seen people do that with Google Maps printed out. You can get wide format prints made pretty reasonablly. With a little research it should be pretty easy to do. When I get a man cave again, I'm going to make one.

When your ready to do some different sections let me know, I've seen Austin to La Grange and would like to paddle the rest of it eventually too.
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By Earl
Hey, pearlbeer, see the link below to my trip report less than one year ago

https://sites.google.com/site/earlatnip ... -river-all

Also, the best map I found is from LRCA and I used it on my trip. Pretty helpful but I already knew most of the river and had pre-scouted all but one of the dams below Austin.


I know you said life dictates doing it in chunks but it was fun to do the whole thing at once. You only need 4-5 days.

I am planning on doing the Brazos the same time this year from Waco to Freeport. Departing the 26th and shooting to complete Dec 31.


By Yak Dog
I’ve gone from Wharton to bay city before, had a great time . Excellent cat fishing the whole way, had plenty of sand bars to camp off of . We came across lots of hogs and a few gators around lane city . This trip was a few years ago. Would love to go again .

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Here are two sources: Tail Tail Signs and ACK .

2018 Hobie PA 12 Camo - 3000

I'm interested. Where are you located?