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By iKayakTexas
I am wanting to get a kayak for bass fishing. Will I regret not spending the extra on a kayak with foot pedals? How many of you bass fish lakes without foot pedals?
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By DumpTruck
I've been kayak fishing for a long time. Bought my first pedal power this year, a Predator pdl. It is just what I thought it would be, and I believe, pedal power certainly allows you to keep your line in the water more when bassin' off. There are times when I miss fishing with a paddle in my lap, though. It's weird. Now my kayak is so huge and grandiose, it sometimes makes me wonder why I'm not in my bass boat... But I love it.
I've been kayak fishing for close to 10 years now and just last year I got my first pedal kayak. Native Propel 13, it's definitely big and heavy but it's not too bad now that I have a trailer and a good routine for unloading and getting on the water. I agree that it allows me to get in a lot more fishing time. It's quite pricey to get into any pedal yak, but I don't regret it. I do however still carry a paddle for moving through the skinny water. I recommend test driving a few other pedal drives before you pull the trigger on one, everyone is different. I went with the Propel because it was a little cheaper than the PA and also not as heavy, and has all the things I was looking for. I have bad elbows so to limit the strain and prevent further surgeries I wanted to go with the pedal drive, I used to come in from a long day with terrible pain from paddling all day. Well worth the investment for this guy. I get to spend more time doing what I love, fishing.
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By kickingback
Depends on how much you want to get some exercise while fishing or if you want to spend the extra money to fish while you are moving.
Peddles give you the ability to move around and still fish with your free hands instead of using a paddle. You will not believe how many times I have caught a fish while peddling to a spot. The amount of money you spend on the peddle drive will work itself out in the end when you realize that you have the comfort and ease of the peddles vs the paddle.
Besides, resale on peddle kayaks is pretty good most of the time. You can always sell it later if you don't fish that much to enjoy it.
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By rbdavis3591
If you live near Austin, Conroe, New Braunfels, or Missouri City Austin Canoe & Kayak http://www.austinkayak.com/Demo will be having their demo days:

Dates & Times:
Saturday, September 16th - 10AM to 4PM
Sunday, September 17th - 12PM to 4PM
Location: The Quarries at Hyde Park, 11400 N Mopac Expy, Austin, TX
Location: The Private Pond off Butler, 3941 Butler Rd, Conroe, TX

Dates & Times:
Saturday, September 23rd - 10AM to 4PM
Sunday, September 24th - 12PM to 4PM
Location: Texas Ski Ranch, New Braunfels, TX
Location: Independence Park, Missouri City, TX

I currently have a Predator 13 and once I get a good price on the Predator PDL I will buy it. Hopefully the demo days discount will be large enough for me to pull the trigger since the current total price shipped would be $3,030.99.
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By Dc1211
Just went through the transition myself. I spent months researching, thinking and demoing different models. I ended up deciding on the Hobie Outback. Hobie Mirage and the propel systems seem to both have their ups and downs but the Hobie seems to have the shallow water advantage. If I was strictly bass fishing in lakes I might of went a different route but I do a lot of marsh fishing and didn't want to have to lift the drive in and out everytime I go shallow or go through grass.
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