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By TKFStubb
http://www.kistlerrods.com/fishing-rod/ ... byX_xg8KK0

An illuminating article about graphite rods.

And as for a kayak rod length, I chose a rod that I can work a fish around the bow, at least 7' and a handle around 7" so it doesn't hang on my PFD or shirt when I throw from a seated position. I also look for accessories like hook hangers, micro guides (8 or 9), and very light weight.
Custom rods are very pretty, but, thread and epoxy weigh as much or more than rod material, so I'll always opt for as little wrapping as possible.

Another thing that is 'icing on the cake', is when I mount my reel on my new rod and throw it in the water, I expect the setup to FLOAT! Yes, if you want to keep your rod and reel safe ALL the time, you can chose a combination that will actually float without extra flotation. Of course, I don't expect that to happen with a 1 oz jig attached. :clap:
By Tombo
Years ago, many manufacturers bragged about the content of graphite being 100%. What this means is the graphite itself was 100%, but the difference in construction was some companies using more scrim, or for lack of a better word a "filler" or binder. Resulting in a heavier and cheaper to make fishing rod.
I keep going back to my Loomis fishing rods, sold the rest and save up for specific rods for specific use such as my Loomis for using a topwater lure.
I do need to store my fishing rods in a more secure place. I built a box and lined it with foam rubber, top and bottom like a sandwich, to transport my gear.
By LeviathanCustomRods
That is a great article, and I've often quoted it to others. We started out using "high modulus" blanks in all of our rod lines, believing them to be the best. In recent years, we've opted for mid modulus blanks because of durability reasons and value. I don't believe most anglers could tell the difference between high modulus and mid to low modulus rods after taking the pepsi challenge. Our pros can, but they don't really count; they also know how to fish specific high modulus rods to avoid snapping them. . . most of the time :wink:

So what's the best blank for the buck? We love St. Croix blanks, since they're high quality, made in the US and reasonably priced. But, our go-to special forces rod will always be the Loomis NFC standard modulus (SM) blank, which is hand-rolled in WA state where Gary started. The NFC SM line strikes the perfect balance between quality and durability for a great price.
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