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By b737
From a FOG's perspective
Handling on ground - Slayer. Speed - Cuda "appears just a little faster (subjective)
Stability - Primary - Slayer is better Secondary - about the same (both are very fishable, some people, not me, stand and fish from both) Seat position, In High position, Cuda sits about 2 inches higher than Slayer, in low position, Cuda seat is about 5 inches further aft than Slayer.
THE SEAT- Slayer seat is without a doubt, the best seat in the industry!!!. Cuda seat is better than any "deck level" seat I've seen.
Out of box -Cuda 12 has everything you need and it all works well, Well done Jackson!!!
Slayer 12 can be brought up to level of Cuda 12 with lots of add-ons and work.
I sold the Cuda 12, I FISH the Slayer 12. Reason "THE SEAT, THE SEAT, THE SEAT!!!
As I said, I am FOG, and I have the aches & pains, bad back, knees, and sore "butt" to prove it.(bad nerves in my "behind end" from sitting to many years). Young Guys don't laugh, The Sins" of your youth will catch up to you in "pain" Sitting, fishing, for 5 hours, THE SEAT
By eltex
Thanks for this. I have been debating how much I would like that open deck on the Slayer. Your analysis pretty much aligns with most of the reviews I have read previously. The Cuda is RTF from the start, and it takes a bit of workmanship to get the Slayer RTF. The Native looks like it was released before most of the accessories, but they are trickling out now. I have seen this same scenario on four-wheelers, which is my other hobby. Often times you really want to customize your new ride, and the first year is often slim-pickins on accessories. I hope to try them both side by side soon, as well as a Ride 115. I think the raised seat on the ride is a horrible looking thing, but it seems pretty good except for that oversight.
By b737
For deck storage on the Slayer 12, I got a fishing box (white plastic) from Academy. Put four J hooks on it with rivets, and modified/used the bungees on the boat. Works well, dry, stays on if turtle, and removable.
One solution to Cuda 12 seat, if you want to leave in low position, install 2 or 4 eyelets below front ( & back if you want) and secure seat with plastic zip ties. Seat is then very stable.

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