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By joho5
I am intrigued by this boat for some reason.

What would be the negatives of a sit inside kayak vs a sit on top?

This boat has all the same Jackson seat / storage / etc features of like a coosa or cuda, but its sit inside.

Also, if anyone has paddled one, I am curious on how it tracks and paddles compared to a cuda.
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By Mellow-Yellow
It has caught my interest. I am thinking about it as I am tired of getting a wet butt when I paddle looking for a drier ride that I can stand from. Was looking at a cuda but now thinking about this one. either way I have about another year before I get into new boat.
By WesC
I think FTU has some in stock you could lay your eyes on. not sure if they are renting them yet. I saw a Red and Black one at the Seminar with Drew Gregory. it's nice and retail was $1049.00 (I think). I liked all the storage it had and the dashboard piece that you could move and hang lures on.
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By TKFStubb
Don't ever discount the usefulness of a Sit-In. I find them much more stable and just as fishable as any SOT. The old Old Town Predator was a great fishing boat and I expect the new one to be just as good. I think Jackson is seeing just how much potential is being wasted on JUST SOTs. I like this new generation of SINKs.
By bigredneck
I've paddled it around a couple times and for a sit inside its got some cool options. It seemed to track pretty well and about as fast as a Cuda 12. It does seem narrow, but I'm so use to SOT and the openness. It does not have a rudder option, but it turns great with out. Standing in the Kilroy is a breeze too. I would recommend some kind of hand pump with sit insides, even a big sponge is better than nothing. One of the Kayak Instruction team members has one and really likes it, he's been pretty busy and hasn't had much time to fish, I'm looking forward to hearing more on what he thinks of it after some rigging and a few trips out. Demo the Kilroy and other sit in and SOT to see how one feels for you and wiegh your options for what would fit your fishing needs.

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By par3bass
I think they look awesome and seem VERY fishable. My only quarrel with a SINK is that it's freakin' HOT in Texas. I like to hop off my SOT at a moments notice, or at least keep my feet in the water. Also, with my new RIDE115, I fish side saddle quite a bit.

One day I'll have a different yak for every day of the week... then I'll buy one.
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