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airboat guy wrote:I have been running jug lines out of my kayak for a few years now. when I go fishingits almost always for catfish.
I run 5 right now bc that's how many I have. but i'd like to order 3 more.

, just make them. http://discussions.texasbowhunter.com/f ... p?t=283597
I have way more then I need already made lol.
Never jugged from a yak. But I'm going to!
I made a jug gaff out of a golfclub shaft, some copper wire and shrink tube. I used wire just thick enough so if one ran it straightened out. Also, that's where my missing rod float was that caused me to loose a rod and reel weekend before last. :cry:
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By Weird1
I will usually make one out of a soda bottle, and a hook and line I find while paddling. I pick the parts up as trash on almost every trip (as trash clean up).Just before dark I build the line and set it. I get up in the morning and go collect the jug line snap a pic of the fish if there is one and clean him or release depending on his size and my mood!! Then carry on with my day, the bait is easily caught with the 2wt and a small copper john!! If there are any kids on the trip, they will be sitting at the waters edge discussing what is on the line. They will also be the first ones to spot the parts to make the line on the next outing which sharpens their eye for cleaning up while we are out.
By Ramjet
Troutless wrote:What type of bait do you use on the jug lines? And are all of them anchored with a weight on the bottom.

I use braided nylon line on mine .... tie a knot ~8-10inches above the hook/swovel and use a weight salvaged from an old cast net. The knot will keep the weight from getting down near the bait.

Bait depends upon location and target fish - shad , bream , minnows , cut bait ....
Troutless wrote:What type of bait do you use on the jug lines? And are all of them anchored with a weight on the bottom.

I use shad or perch, no weight. Free floating jugs. String is trot line main stage.
Little hard to manage with winds blowing. But so is a kayak :).

Lengths vary from 3' to 9' with double hooks on most. Only reason I don't anchor is they get hung up when fishing by sunken debris. And if your up in bayou gars will pull them down under logs and lose the whole thing. Dip net to land jugs then the fish.

And the rest is.....http://s52.photobucket.com/albums/g36/d ... ed9b98.jpg
I usually run about 40-45 ft of line with hooks starting about 5 ft off the bottom and every 6ft to about 5ft from the jug. I use a biscuit pan to make the weights. Melt the lead in the pan and it makes about 3-4 lb weights to anchor the jugs. I run the line down to the bottom however deep it is and leave unused Line in the jug and put the cap back on. I pull the line up and put a hook on each loop bait and drop then repeat until all the hooks are baited. Come back in a few hours and collect your fish. I bait with what ever I catch there. Perch shad big minnows what ever.
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