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By wesley1957
Just got a old town caspian 12' on sale from academy for $299. Based on my web research it is a remake of the ocean kayak scrambler xt, with adjustable foot pegs and lockable front hatch. I took it out to Bryan lake last saturday and was very happy with it. I would suggest it for anyone looking for a cheap quality kayak.
By Jimbo_47
My first kayak was a Scrambler. It was a pretty fast kayak and paddled nice without needing a rudder. I like the way they have the flat deck in the Caspian. Always hated those molded in footpegs and they just took up too much room and you couldn't lay a tackle box or anything and always had standing water. Much improved design! :clap:
By Le Petomane
I picked up one of those on the clearance deal too! Great deal in my opinion. I'm riggin' mine up with paddle clips, anchor trolly, dry storage (thanks to some designs I found on here) and building a cart to wheel it around on...haven't taken it out to the water yet. Glad you hear you're liking yours, makes me that much more excited to get out on mine!
By JamesC
Got one too. I have taken it out two times. Only problem with it has been the rear scupper plugs under the seat. You will get wet butt in a hurry. Get some scupper plugs or plug them with a small pool noodle. Scupper plugs are only $10 shipped on ebay. Super stable yak, I was even able to scoot up and access the front hatch on the water without any issues last weekend.
By Le Petomane
Emilio wrote:Does anyone know if you can install a rudder on this kayak? Thanks.


My guess is that it is possible, but not without some creative modification. The way that the stern is "scooped out" doesn't leave an area to mount the rudder, but some sort of bridge could probably be constructed and attached to mount the rudder to...probably more trouble than it's worth.
By Le Petomane
Just a heads up to anyone interested....I was at the Academy in Grapevine on Sunday, 2/17 and they still had at least one Caspian in stock and still for 299..
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