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By REDline
From Tom:

Some of you have asked about recent changes to the board. For instance, signatures have been disabled. Rules were being broken regarding spamming and the signature polcy wasn't being followed. So, we have had to disable them. I am including our updated posting policies which will soon be a permanant part of the header and/or footer.
Please review them and help us make TKF the best it can be.
Tom, TKFStubb, Stubblefield
Clay, TKFClay, Yeaman
Arnold, Liverdog, Wells

Rule #1: Respect
Address all forum members with the utmost respect at all times. If you do not agree with a fellow member, be courteous in your response. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. We, as American Citizens must respect another's right to express theirs.

Because of the limitations of text based communication, the expression of intent can be tricky. One of the most common triggers of rule violations is the misinterpretation of intent behind a post. Use smilies often, and remember, it never hurts to begin a response with "In my opinion"...

If you do not address everyone on the board with respect, be prepared to lose your membership.

Rule #2: Profanity and Obscenity
Because this forum is viewed by kayakers of all ages, all posts must be suitable for viewing by wives and other family members down to the youngest readers. All profanity must be completely covered with asterisks, or substituted with "@%$#" symbols. Obscene material is not permitted, nor are links to websites containing such material.t. If what you have to say wouldn't be suited for network TV, don't post it here.

Rule #3: Off-limitTopics
The General Discussion Board is for otherwise off-limit topics (ie, "Off Topic" forum discussions on religion & politics). At times, such threads may be banned altogether - Be sure to remeber that families read all of the forums, not just those dealing with kayaking alone.

Rule #4: Cultural Sensitivity
Negative remarks based on race, ethnicity, or religion will not be tolerated.

Rule #5: Questioning a Moderator...
If you have a disagreement with a moderator (If your thread gets deleted, if you get a warning, etc.), DO NOT post your complaint publicly on the forums. If you have a problem with a moderator's actions, PM or email the moderator privately. If the moderator's response is unsatisfactory, email the administor (username: TKFStubb@texaskayakfisherman.com).

We take all complaints seriously, but posting your dissatisfaction publicly will result in a rule violation.

Rule #6: Use Courtesy via PM & IM
Please use courtesy when using the E-Mail, ICQ, or PM functions of the board. Any complaints of members abusing these messaging functions will result in membership termination.

Rule #7: Spam = BAD, BAD, BAD!
The posting of non-solicited advertisments in the forums will not be tolerated. Examples include starting a new thread for the purpose of advertising a product for your business OR ONE OF YOUR SPONSORS, or posting an ad to a pre-existing thread that does not pertain to the thread's topic. If you submit a post about your business, be sure it is worded tastefully, on-topic, and not a generic SPAM. Paid advertisers have SOME leeway in this field. Moderators have absolute discretion. Please contact TKFStubb to discuss legit advertising opportunities. Signatures will carry the same limitations. Paid sponsors will have some latitude here to reinforce their products, but for the most part, spamming in signatures will be prohibitted.

Rule #8: Represent yourself truthfully
Please be honest when representing yourself on TKF. Using two or more user accounts concurrently is prohibited. If you represent a dealer or manufacturer, and post as a shill, or register a duplicate username to act as a shill, the entire posting history of both accounts will be wiped from TKF, and the action will be made public. TKF reserves the right to check/verify all internet IP addresses for verification.

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