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By PlasticPirate
Just saw that Academy has Old Town Caspian 12' yaks for $479.00. I heard that these are decent yaks for the price.
By Jimbo_47
They are a proven, time tested hull design since they are basically using the mold of the old Ocean Kayak Scrambler with a redesigned floor space. Instead of the molded in foot pegs, it's got a flat floor and adjustable foot pegs which I feel is much better having owned a Scrambler.
By justin6212
hey guys,
I just bought a caspian on Tuesday, and I can tell you, it's the best boat I've owned yet.

Granted, my first boat was an old town vapor angler. Second boat was the perception pescador.

The stability is my favorite aspect. It cuts through chop very well, and as a big guy (6' 275) I can easily go side saddle or even spin all the way around and face backwards. The Bow hatch is actually accessible on the water, where with my pescador, I was swimming if I tried to shimmy up and open the hatch.

All around, great boat. I'm putting it in the water this afternoon
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