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By daveg99
djeoutdoors wrote:I think this is an awesome idea. The Lower Mountain Fork link is not correct though unless this is not the same spot that I know of around Beavers Bend State Park in SE Oklahoma? :)

I fixed it. I think some people move the spots on accident. If you see any that are incorrect just move them back to their right place.
By M-square
Has the map been fixed or reappeared?
I had remembered seeing this last year and was hoping that somemore places had been added within an hours drive of Conroe. I would like to try and get out and doing some fishing for white bass when they get ready to start spawning here shortly!

I have tried to click on some of the updated links but no pins / markers show up - just a blank map!

By Charlie23
for folks fishing freeport area, anyone ever launched at this marsh right off ICW, just west of 332 bridge and practically next to surfside marina? I noticed there's a small road call Crab Street you might be able to launch to the marsh?
How about places you've camped on rivers. I always see guys with camps setup, and think, man that place is cool, maybe next time I'll remember this place but never can. This might make it easier to plan where you might want to stay. I'll post the last place we camped on the Brazos.
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