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By daveg99
Harold Ray wrote:You can post locations on this map anywhere apparently. I just posted 3 in northern Arkansas near Mountain Home. There are great trout locations.


thats fine. I put texas and oklahoma but any surrounding state is fine.
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By richg99
Fin-addict...I changed it to Seashell Beach. thank you

in order to edit this map, you have to have a Google registration and THEN you have to add the site to your trusted sites. See my message to Chris earlier...or repeated below..

"Chris, at first, I, too, had a problem getting "registered"..... even though I have had a registration with Google for some time. It turned out that you have to "add this site" with this MAP site.

TOOLS; INTERNET OPTIONS; SECURITY; SITES; TRUSTED SITES; Add this one (URL of this site) to the list of trusted sites. Then, re-enter the site and the EDIT box should show up. regards, Rich"
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By richg99
daveg99....this map could go National and ==INTERNET VIRAL == if enough kayak sites knew about it. WHAT A REALLY GREAT IDEA YOU HAD....

regards, Rich
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By G-Man

And thanks to all the TKF brothers and sisters that have posted places for all of us to fish! I have been on TKF for a long time and have always gone to my same fishing hole... Now, I can find and look for different areas to fish. For all the points that have launch locations, thanks, I am always afraid of leaving my vehicle unattended for the fear of getting broken in to or being towed away by police. This is what TKF is all about, sharing information.

Again, "THANK YOU" my TKF brothers and sisters!!!!!

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By daveg99
torp wrote:This thing is going to blow up big. Dave do you have editorial control? Just in case some wisea$$ decides they need to muck it up for everybody else....

Yes I have power to change it. But hopefully people wont ruin it just for fun. Its a useful tool for everyone here and Im sure everyone can see the value in this.
By potlicker
trukman wrote:
Harold Ray wrote:Some people are very protective of their rivers, access points and favorite fishing spots, but I think this is a great idea. I always get a kick out of the folks who think they are they only ones who know of a great hole, when actually half the state fishes there.

We could fill that map with access points and good information!!


LETS DO IT THEN!!!! Who cares if someone else knows your fishing hole, its not like we are all going to the same spot on the same day. EVERYONE POST YOU FAVORITE FISHING HOLES!!! We all need to help each other!!! :D

now that's what im talkin bout man!
By potlicker
well let me add a couple of west bay launches that i dont see any mark yet.

1) the airport/golf course launch: take stewart rd going west and make a right on 99th, go all the way down and stay on the right when it split into 2. Make a right at airway and voila.

2) take a right on 103rd st. off stewart and go til you dead end and you'll see the water/launch spot, you're right at west bay/offatt intersection.
By mkaiser9
When I was viewing the map and trying to see how it worked, I mistakenly grabbed the point labeled "Lower Neches River in Big Thicket". When I realized I grabbed the point I tried to discard the changes, but it was to late. I dropped the pin in the east/southeast side of the Sam Houston National Forest just south of Shepherd. I would try to fix it, but I am not sure where it goes. My bad.
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