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I need a spot along the san gabriel, that we can drop in, paddle upstream......then float back down and take out at the same spot. I see lots of people using the method of putting in at one spot, and taking out at another...but im a one man show!
A good place to go if your around the Frisco/McKinney area is a place in prosper called town lake, fishing is pretty good and has a variety of different techniques you can use, from pitching and flipping to deep cranking. Every time I go there's usually no one on the water. The fishing can be kind of tough but your usually bound to catch at least 2-3 fish. Only think I would warn you about is during the summer time I've seen a few snakes swimming around but generally the swim off if they see you. There's two different place that you can launch the yaks but the one I launch from is in a designated parking area. Also just a quick pointer if you going to visit there this time of year the flats and the channels have been working really well. 33.241788,-96.759963 (coordinates if you're interested, and where I usually park)

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