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By bowgarguide
Is this minnow protected ,or is this a red fin that we are catching on the Brazos,where do I need to go look for information on this.
By RealBigReel
If you Google Redhorse Minnow you will see that there are several different species that have that nickname. So If you could find a picture of what you are looking for you could probably find out what you want to know. But I am guessing the operative work here is "minnow". Unless you can find it on the endangered list it is probably legal bait.
I catch Redfin Shiners often, and they make good bait.
Legal bait according to:
http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/huntwild/wi ... finshiner/
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By Strider
Yes - redfin shiners. They are thick where I have been going - only thing is that if I use them this time of year all I catch is gar. They are great catfish and drum bait during the winter.

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By gerald
When I was a kid we use to seine up thousands of redhorse minnow to us on Red Bluff Lake. Red Bluff is on the Pecos River on the Texas/NM stateline--mostly in Texas. July, night time, hang out the lanterns, jig just off the bottom with one or two minnows, and we'd soon be catching white bass just as fast as we could pull them in...sometimes two at a time.
Near as I can remember the picture is what they looked like. Very hearty, lively minnow. The were definately legal then since the game warden always checked us.
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