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By txspeck
If TPW would designate certain areas on our bays for kayak fishing only then I would support some type of stamp. If they want more funding call Washington, I hear they are very good at printing money! :mrgreen:
So they couldn't take a chunk from the millions they give college kids to party it up during Spring Break? Or cut some of the funding for universities that aren't even putting it toward students or the campus?

Before anyone gets on my case, I am a student and I have never been allowed to use any grants or loans. No reason, they just don't let me. I know multiple people who spend thousands going to tropical resorts and Europe who receive grants from the state.

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By Jimbo_47
The main thing is all it would amount to is a tax.
Most kayak owners own more than one kayak. I've had as many as four and now down to two.
If you had to register more than one kayak that could become expensive in a hurry. It would also be a PITA when it came to selling and buying between private owners.
I know it's all about the money to be made by the state, and the more popular kayaks become the more the legislators are salivating over it.
Now if they came up with you had to buy a stamp to kayak fish, that would be more practical, but that could be something coming down the pike.
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