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By RigMover
Lake Travis produces some nice whites year round, but it can be hit and miss from the kayak. If they're schooling and feeding on the surface I fish below the surface schoolies for the larger fish.
When the run is just starting I fish around Mona's Landing on the Pedernales arm of Lake Travis and occasionaly get some nice crappies at the same time.
When the run is on I usually go to Reimer's Ranch with only some 1/8 & 1/4 oz unpainted ballhead jigs, a handful of small smoke glitter grubs and my stringer. It's not unusual to limit in a couple of hours if you get upstream of all the bank fisherman. Be sure you have you license as the game warden will walk well upstream of the launch point.
By sgtrock78
Summer night fishing (100+ day temp) under bridge at Ray Roberts using tandem shiners and floating lights. Found it was best to start putting em on ice in cooler after this trip, sure brought in the gar and the water was too warm 85 degrees.
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By Vlaude
Fun fish, just snagged into some nice ones on Texoma this past week while striper fishing. I think the largest one went 3.7lbs and was a football of a fish for a sandbass. To me its the numbers that can make them a lot of fun with the right gear. Great way to introduce kids or a non-fisherman to fishing!

SgtRock, I'd keep them in the basket for a bit if they aren't too full and clip their gills. Just takes a second, let them bleed out. Pull them out in about 15 minutes or so and throw them on ice. When you fillet them they'll be nice and white, with out much blood. They keep a bit better as well... Just my thought... Those temps make it tough to keep fish in close corridors! Looks like you had some fun! :wink:
By sgtrock78
Yea I have been gilling and gutting as of late. You talk of Texoma. Having been raised on the lake I remember pre striper years as a boy fishing the shores of Island view and east and west burns run in the morning when the sandies would boil the water in football sized schools chasing the ghost minnows. Bare hook catching. I am glad that they are starting to recover, we are catching more and bigger in the last few years.
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By Vlaude
Yeah there are some good sandies in the lake, caught one last weekend that went 3.7lbs on the scales. The stripers size aren't what they were before the flood, but they are making a come back. Next year this time will be some awesome fishing if the lake provides some refuge for the larger fish this summer. There are a good number of 4-8lb fish that are very healthy, from a weight perspective!
By sgtrock78
Vlaude wrote: The stripers size aren't what they were before the flood,

Yea those were the days back in 92-93 go below the dam when the floodgates were on, a 15 pound fish was a dink.
By kayakbassTX
If fishing Lake Houston would luce bayou be a place that these would run or would the san jac be a better location. not looking for gps location. I live close and would like to try and catch some of these. thanks!!
By sgtrock78
You know I have fished for white bass in a lot of different water. But a couple of things have always seem to hold true either a current flow of some kind or some form of bait fish. So when looking for sandies I have always looked for at least one of these two items to begin my hunt.
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