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This has been my personal best so far, and as a bonus, I caught it in a river. Spring Creek neart Mertzon, TX. 6.3lbs at 10:30pm at Night on a Big White Buzzbait. Scared the heck outta me when he thumped my yak a few times while trying to get him in the boat. :shock:
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Parrothead wrote:
I do believe the Florida bass fight harder. But that doesn't mean much since I've never had one, even a 10lb fish pull more than maybe 20 feet of line off the reel. So I don't think bass are particularly strong fighters. But they make up for it in other ways. If you want something that pulls back hard, go catch a blue cat.
Just my .02

Well..I have to sort-of correct myself here.. I caught this bass over the weekend in a creek west of Ft. Lauderdale. And while I didn't lend much credence to the LMB in terms of it's fighting qualities, I have to say this particular fish proved me WAY WRONG! I hooked him on a worm, in the corner of the mouth on an ancient, beat-up spinning outfit my dad has sitting on the back porch. And I tell you as soon as I set up that fish ripped drag hard! Then he came up and jumped at least 3 feet out of the water and repeated that jump again. And then pulled more drag! Dang thing thought he was a smallie or something.


About two casts later I caught its twin brother and it came up shook it's head and gave up, hooked the same way in the corner of the jaw. Go figure. For an instant I thought it might have been the same fish. Even had to inspect it for a hook mark to make sure. But it was definately a different one.
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Beve wrote:
Kuzz wrote:
barditch wrote::evil: Well, to be the cranky ol' poot...the LMB hasn't been born that performs as well in the pan or on the plate as a really nice pound and a half crappie! JMHO!

LMB ain't for the table, that's for sure. I can't remember the last time I kept one. Freshwater eating is for crappie and catfish.

As for the original question, river largemouth's, especially swifter waters like the Trinity fight harder. That being said, I take any I can get ahold of.

An occasional LMB IMO for the table is quite tasty. I'm sure that'll get a rise out of some :roll: :roll: , but bass meat is firm and good fried/baked. In fact it wouldn't hurt to keep a few slots out of select lakes that are trying to beef up the bigguns.

Now I too agree about the river bass-they fight harder. :wink:

I'll agree with having a LMB on occasion and a crappie is even better, but the best eating from freshwater (for me) is the small sunfish, such as bluegills, red ears, etc. If you can get something from about 7" up, that's about the best eating I've ever found.
Awesome experience to look back through nearly a decade of bassin’ wisdom here on Texas rivers. Last time I fished the Colorado around Columbus, it was pretty bleak. Now there’s all sorts of new sand bars, logs, cut banks, and other remodeling due to the numerous floods we’ve had. Should be interesting to see what’s cooking with the bass. And you know me, TKF. A report WILL follow any such adventure, like it or not.

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I’m glad you resurrected this thread, Cuervo. Lots of interesting information...

I’ve been wanting to do a Colorado River trip. I did the stretch below Wharton to the next take out downriver during the drought several years ago and thought it was fantastic scenery wise. I spent much more time towing my 8 year old son in his kayak than fishing. My 11 year old daughter caught some nice bass from her Blackwater Dagger.

There’s some good flow along in that stretch and a sand and gravel bottom dotted with aquatic vegetation. Great visibility, we saw big gar and carp 6 feet down in some of the holes.
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