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By bones72
Does anyone know where the closest creek is that I could find Rio's from the Ft. Hood area? They are kind of a buckets list fish for me and if there is some place within a few hours drive would love to get on some. Really want to get one on the fly rod.
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By Ron Mc
USGS interactive map shows them within about 30 mi - San Gabriel

the biggest I've ever seen wild are on the lower Frio south of the town of Sabinal, but the upper Sabinal R. has some beauties (below, really close to Utopia, and sight-fishing).
Big enough to eat a size 8 cats whisker, and measures out 11"
Image Sabinal is also one of the best bass rivers in Texas.
Cibolo Creek around Herff Springs and the Boerne Nature Center has some big ones.

Shonto Ranch, a private game ranch with pay fishing, on Turtle Creek just west of Kerrville, has Rio Grande cichlids over 3 lbs - pellet fed, but they also eat what the creek provides.
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By Ken S
I just came back from the lake. Got there @ 4:30 and left at 5:15, and caught 12 of these,,, big ones. I guess my camera didn't record them, can't find them.
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By Ron Mc
I've seen them stacked on the rocks beside the deep water at Mansfield Co. Park.
If you know where the grotto is, used to spend many Sundays there picnicking in the shade and bobbing on air mattresses.
I would have a rigged fly rod with a sinking shooting head on the bank, and there would be a jump on the structure any afternoon. Paddle in, grab the rod, and catch a striper or white bass.
By Ken S
Know the area well. Behind the dam used to be a great place for Redear, but most were caught 20 yrs ago or more
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By Ron Mc
used to catch giant redbreast sunfish below the dam in the top of Lake Austin - so dark they look like sapphire and ruby

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